Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Accessories LOOKBOOK and Me

At the TNLP all the designers were asked to offer a small postcard size information brochure about the designer and his/her with the vintage flair in mind meet me and my brand :)


Friday, January 20, 2012

The New Label Project shop and ME

Have you heard of the New Label Project shop in Amsterdam ? 
NO,well you'll hear from it a lot starting from now,as I'm joining in as one of the emerging designers to display in the shop.
The shop has a very neat "in the box" style ,where all the items for sell are placed in neutral white boxes and the spotlight is going to the displayed in the box items only and not to the interior decor fuss you may see in other concept shops  

Starting from February ,I'll have one of these white beauties for my items too-Yey!!!
I decided to showcase my nautical  rope accessories along with some other vintage flair designs I now call the "Nostalgia" line
Building the collection from scratch wasn't an easy task as I use to make things to order and now I had a box to fell with my goodies all at ones
But,I did it!!! 
Here is the first ever preview of a full NOSTALGIA collection
 Navy w/Cream twisted rope,silver oxidized D ring, navy 4cm snap on elastic
 Antique Gold w/Reef Gold  twisted rope,brass D ring, Mustard /Gold Lurex  5cm snap on elastic
  Cream w/Vanilla  twisted rope,brass D ring , White or /Vanilla  5cm snap on elastic
 Cream w/Navy twisted rope, brushed silver D ring Vanilla/White 5cm snap on elastic

 Antique Gold   twisted rope,brass O ring, Mustard /Gold Lurex  5cm  elastic on a large swivel clasp
 Ecru  twisted rope,brass O ring, Vanilla/White  5cm  elastic on a large swivel clasp


Ivory 5mm twisted rope on a round elastic
Mist 5mm twisted rope on a round elastic

 Mist 5mm twisted rope on a round elastic
 Ivory 5mm twisted rope on a round elastic

 Mist 5mm twisted rope on a round elastic
Ivory 5mm twisted rope on a round elastic


TNLP offers boxes in various sizes,for now I've decided to take the smallest one,which is 50x50cm.
The challenging part was to squeeze all I wanted to showcase in so small of a box. Of course I understood that in order for me to put more in a small space,I must go vertical...After brain storming with myself I found a solution and the materials to build my vertical belt stand-my small scale vintage light pole (how to in the next post)

Now I swear,I'll NEVER through any of my junk away even if pressured by others -my AWESOME I may say stand was constructed from a piece of wood -leftover from the pergola my hubby had build ,a piece of metal stick I don't know the origin of (I do think it was a stick that used to hold our IKEA dish drier ...But I'm not sure :D . It came with the boxes after we've moved,but we never did find where it belongs.
 Hubs wanted to throw it,but I didn't let him-THANKS GOD for that!!! It turned out to be the perfect belts holder) and a decorative corner which was on it's way to the trash and was rescued by me 
And look how handsome it turned out

I decided to age the wood a bit and also added a Shabby sign with my brand name on it

 and...on reverse I screen printed my face as a little girl-NOSTALGIA  or not

I arranged all my items together and this is how I'm hoping for my box to look like in the shop
Now wish me a GOOD LUCK with my new adventure and Bon Voyage  :)