Sunday, July 13, 2014

hiBOOK my new shop for Handbound Books

By Viki Tiamat
Since I got involved with Documented Life Project I found  new passion for books -HAND BOUND books to be exact.
The beauty of creating OOAK covers...The meditative signature sewing...The dilemma of choosing between  tens of options and techniques you want your book to be bound at...The fascinating world of handmade book headbands ...My God, what a peaceful trade and I have the pleasure to practise it daily :)
 And  between my swimsuits design,pattern drafting and sewing, , binding books became my serenity escape

The first bookbinding technique I mastered at  was coptic stitch.
Quite a simple yet with a very pretty results technique  which features an "exposed spine" of visible signatures
The great thing about this binding method is the fact that the  book can be opened up completely flat ,making it  a perfect option for photo albums, scrapbooking ,journaling ,easy sketching etc

I made several books in this binding technique and my absolute favorite book would be the personalized sketchbook with a portrait of the customer and her sweet puppy shown on the spine  and looks almost like a 3D pic
personalized book
I started the book by sketching a portrait of my lovely client 

and then bound it using the coptic stitch into this  soft cover artist sketchbook

The beauty of this Artist book is not only the coolest spine ,but the fact that you can see the whole picture throughout the book
So basically , this book  is like a life story -you can see the face of a person changes from different points of view and never see the whole picture till you look inside :)
I think this book will make a perfect  personal present for that someone special in your life,might it be your loved one,  dear friend or even YOU yourself!

You can order a customizable book like this with  a photo of your choosing from my new +Etsy  shop