Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Recycle, Reorganize...BE Creative

I'm always in a straggle to keep my workspace neat ...I just can't seem to  find the right place  for all my  little bits and pieces .They are always all over the place making my already crowded table look like a HUGE mess.
 I keep moving things around ,but nothing helped much until I found a great idea-
  It's nothing new,we all know the magnetic bars  we can find in IKEA and other shops ,well ...we'll need one of those (at least one!! I have four and it's still not enough :D )  and some metal tins (this is where the recycling part comes handy )
I used Max Brenner's chocolate tins ,but I don't know if the chocolate by the bald man is an international brand,so if you can't find it locally,then you can just use other metal tin.  ( BUT, if you happens to know the brand ,you must agree with me that their chocolate is top notch and their metal tins are delight ,both design and practical wise)
O.K, so now you have eaten the chocolate,drilled some holes in your walls and hung the magnetic bars on,used your metal tins to hide the little bits and pieces in ....BUT ,are you happy?
 And why is that you ask....Because ,although now my table is neat and tidy (I wish ) I can't really know what's behind door number 1...The metal tins are lovely,but they are not transparent ,so you can't see which piece from the puzzle you want to grab next.....
At the beginning I thought that I'll just remember what I put in each...but that is impossible :(
Then I thought I'll grow a super power and with my X-ray vision will see through  the tins,but until I work on that,here is an easy trick I did to make my life MUCH, MUCH easier

Here is what else you'll need :

  • Smart phone to take a cool lomo photo
  • Photoshop or other editing program to size your photos to the right size (I needed my photos to fit 3X4 cm rectangle as I had an already drawn frame at that size on my tins)
  • Printer to print the sized photos
  • Photo paper
  • Xyron 1.5" create-a-sticker 
  • OR Xyron 5” create-a-sticker with permanent adhesive 
  • Or you can use your Xyron 5" (510) Creative Station with Laminate/Permanent Refill -in that case you can just print your photos on a regular A4 printer paper 
So,the steps are really simple BUT the results are FANTASTIC -
Take a photo of your nik naks

Edit them to size as needed
Print on your photo paper, or if you have the 5" CS Laminate/Permanent adhisive Refill,use it and save your photo paper for better projects :)
Run your print through your trusty Xyron

Stick the little helpers on the tin
You're done- you have the most helpful little tins any busy workspace MUST have