Saturday, July 9, 2011

...Splash of Gold in the Treasury Bowl finding Purple Mist through the Window to Paris


Here is a quick introduction to another very creative 4littlesquares team mate- the GoodFlorist
Sylwia, is a felt jewelry designer who chose to feature  my items in her stunning etsy treasuries-
My Purple Galore Statement Bib Necklace never seen more beautiful then it was in Purple Mist treasury
"Springtime" treasury showed my Grindhouse Death Proof Harem Wrap Skirt Pants
and "Window to Paris" featured my Sailor Knot Headband
My Sunshine Droplets Statement necklace got it's square in "Splash of Gold" T and Unique Wrap Folded  Dress got into "The Treasury Bowl"  :)

As usual,I'm checking the shops whose owner  took the time to check and feature my little shoppie and here are some of the sweet flowery creations I found and 

"Let me tell you something about my work-
 At the beginning, I made felt goodies for my friends and myself in US and Canada where I was leaving for a long time. After a while I started to sell my treasuries in local area and finally one of my friends convinced me on use etsy ... and here I am :o)

  "Currently I live in Poland, but I don't know where I will be in few years"

"In addition to my felt collection, I've started a NEW Linen line."

"All items are carefully designed and handmade by myself.
I like when all things are of best quality and I have to say that I'm a little fussy about that! "

"I love what I'm doing and my work makes me happy."

Sylwia, I also LOVE your new linen collection and hope to see more of your lovely creations 

What I like" is "Go for a walk" in nice "warm" weather,cause this is my "Monday mood""

During the past few month HoneyCase2 has featured a few of my items in her lovely treasuries- among them were my Sailor Knot Headband and Sailor Knot Belt  my Unique Wrap Folded dress and my favorite by many Owl purse...
Since both of us are members of the same etsy team - 4littlesquares,I get to see and admire her beautiful works quite often...
When I first entered her  shop,for some reason the first thing that catch my mind ,was her location-Kiev,Ukraine.
Now I was born in Kiev,Ukraine,so seeing this artist's gorgeous works just puts me in a nostalgic mood...I never though I would miss Kiev as we relocated to Israel when I was pretty young,but still ,every time I see a seller from my city of birth,I feel a strong connection and pride -isn't it strange ?!

In a case of HoneyCase2,I have all the right to be proud -we both are members of the same great team,  obviously as I mention above were born in the same BEAUTIFUL city and we make great stuff  :D

Here are my favorites from Olena's stunning shop

A bit about Olena-
She is 26 year old designer, studied architecture in Kiev, but found herself  creating jewelry.
"I tried to work with polymer clay and could not stop :)"

"I hope you’ll like what I create, because I love it! I put all my soul in every item, and wish you’ll fill it !
It’s my work, and it’s my relaxation !

Olena,your soul can DEF be felt in your creations! It shines !!!! 
Keep up the great work you do :)

Cup of coffee in the morning

My 1920s inspired Flapper Girl Cloche Hat and the famous  Sailor Knot Headband were recently  featured by a very talented etsy seller CallOFEarth
The lady ^^obviously has a great eye for beauty clearly shown in both the treasuries she had feature my items in and I'm proud to have her as my blog follower :)
No need to say that person who's  etsy clusters are so gracefully curated,will have an amazingly beautiful etsy shop...But I will say it-Maria has STUNNING beaded jewelry that I wish to have each and everyone of  ,but these are my absolute favorites

Here they are in all their glory

Now I sure you want a piece of these babies too haaaa :)
I think I should ask Maria to sponsor a giveaway on my blog one day,but meanwhile, let's meet the talented artist-
This is what Maria is telling about herself-
  "Since my childhood, I could  for hours observe the waving foliage of the trees, feel the wind blow and warmth of the sun rays on my body. The changing pictures, creator draws with the clouds on the sky, excited and fascinated me. I always had a passion to see the beauty and harmony in the world."

"The most interesting thing was to watch people and discover in them, behind all the behavior shells and "good manners", their unique nature.And if you can see it - the mystery of the human soul - that, I tell you, is really beautiful".

"I would really want to express in words all that I see around me, but there are not enough words to express the rainbow of feeling. The only exception, were moments, I spoke without thinking about it, like someone speaks through me. These moments happened rarely and I wanted to find something that is mine, something that will be in my hands, something I own, and something I create with.
  When I found beads, this enormous amount of small beads, brought together to living images, I began to try my passion as a new method to connect with world and people. At the beginning, through beads I learned "to speak" as a baby, just "mumbling" without actually speaking to someone. However, step
by step, I "grew up" and now I have a desire "to tell" people through my creations about the beauty and uniqueness I discover in them over and over again.

You also can find Maria's hidden thought and bursts of inspiration  on her Blog:
or become her Fan on FB

Maria,you are a beautiful, delicate and philosophical  soul  and I glad to be on the same team with you,sharing the same beauty,seeing the sight you see  and admiring the creators drawings in our Israeli skies :)


Friday, July 1, 2011


It's been a long while since my last giveaway (a whole year to be exact),and now it's back with my NEW style of Sailor's Knot Headband-the stylish Trivet Knot
One lucky winner will receive a $25 value Trivet Knot headband- freshly made by me , PettiBear

To Enter the 
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    Contest will run for 4 weeks. Ends at Midnight on the night of July28, 2011 (Sierra's 4th Birthday!!!)
    Open to All Countries!!!
    Winner will be chosen by online random generator.
    Winner will be notified by e-mail on July 29, 2010 and will have 3 days to reply or another winner will be chosen.