Friday, July 30, 2010

The dreamy artist and my new frame

Back in December I had order a BEAUTIFUL ^^ Rosa Sinensis art postcard by Sabbio
This card is special in so many ways...First of all I think it looks a bit like me
Secondly , I ordered it for my husband's 30th B-Day which makes it double special
and Third reason that makes it so damn unique is-it was drawn by my special friend -a dreamy French artist who loves to paint femininity through its strength, beauty and dreams...Sabrina

And so, for the last half year I'm planning to frame it and put it in place where it belongs-my wall
Today I got a visit from the muse fairy and decided to make a frame for my Rosa.
Unfortunately, my hubby was away and I had to cut the wood myself (not an easy task I may say) but, with great will comes the strength...
So here it is, my New frame for Rosa Sinensis

through the making process

to the real deal

my Rosa Sinensis

In that note,I could have finish my post ,but before I do,I really want you to get to know Sabbio-

Sabrina is a beautiful soul, delicate and intelligent women .A mother of two adorable cubs and a very talented illustrator!!!
I feel a special connection to her and so, here are the art pieces I'm finding myself attracted to the most

Silvia Fernia ORIGINAL Eco-painting

Original handpainted pocket mirror

Cinnamon chai tea box
by Sabbio

Grace's frangipani print (limited edition)

That's to me is a true femininity through its strength!!!!

Sabrina, J'adore ton art !!!!

If you feel the same as I do^^ and wish to discover more of Sabbio's art visit her
Cinnamon Tree blog
or enjoy her galleries :

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Twilight inspired ruffled dress

Here is a quick glimpse on my new Twilight inspired ruffled purple dress
Soon in my etsy shop


Reclaimed rustic wood frame

My dear hubby is in charge of the hard work of cutting and making the wood frames for my screen prints. After each time he makes me a screen,I have bits of cut wood I have a hard time throwing (immediately thoughts running through my mind-what if I'll need this piece for some other project...what if this exact piece will save me from hunger one day lol etc.)
So finally yesterday I found the right job for my little wood pals!
A few days ago I got in the mail a BEAUTIFUL ACEO by munieca that traveled all the way from Argentina to my door steps and the little wood pieces I got, fit perfectly to the petit size of the card...So here you go my new frame and a How To for your reading pleasure

and remember -DON"T THROW !!! UPCYCLE




Congrats to babytogo for winning my Sailor knot headband!!!

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

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Timestamp: 2010-07-29 11:30:10 UTC

Since we already know the winner of my draw ,I thought it would be nice for us to get to know Carmit aka BABY TO GO a little better

Lovely creations for your little ones

Carmit is a 33 yr fellow Israeliy designer who lives in a small town near Tel-Aviv
She has two beautiful daughters Ariel (3) and Renana(6 months old), and is married to her best friend (as she states on her etsy profile).
She started her career as a professional dancer- studied dance at the London Contemporary Dance School and graduated with postgraduate diploma in Modern dance and choreography.
Back in Israel she's became an Artist director of a few schools and taught Ballet and Modern dance

Here are some interesting facts about Carmit-
"I love exploring new filds once in a while, so it turns out that one in 6 years I change my profession-In the past I worked as a hydro therapist... I was a restaurant critique -a job I really liked as food is a big love of mine... And, was a Fang shui consultant (Carmit, you are my kind of girl !!!!)

How Baby to GO was born?
"When Ariel came into my life she changed them completely!
I was a stay at home mom and carried Ariel with me at all times with a very uncomfortable carrier. One day I have decided to sew one by myself.
My dear husband was called to give his professional input as a physiotherapist and Babytogo was born.
Friends and family who got to use the carrier loved it so much so I have been pushed to open a business".

"Sewing always brings me back to my childhood were I designed my own cloths, sew dolls accessorize and craft with any material I found at hand.
I think that in some odd way (as I found later on in my life) it runs in the family. My grandma was a dressmaker and her mom was an artisan embroider".

In Carmit's shop you can find a variety of baby items- Baby carriers, blankets and dolls that are ideal for shower gifts or treats for mommy and little one.
All Baby to GO products are one of a kind!
The items are made with top quality fabrics and clearly created with much love and care
Here are some of my favorites

Vintage inspired pillow

BABY TO GO mei tai baby carrier

Carmit,I LOVE your creations and hope you'll enjoy wearing my sailor knot headband

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sweet Gesture

What a lovely name for a treasury- Sweet Gesture...
Pink, feminine and too adorable cluster was created by a fantastic etsy seller petekdesign
and let me tell you, I just LOVE it!
- actually double love it- the name of the shop "petekdesign" is as clever and unique as the treasury Efrat created -it translates from Hebrew as NOTE design and that is exactly the speciality of this etsy shop- taking a young & fresh perspective, and help one decorate his/her walls in a special way, opening the door to creativity.

I DEF can see how creative Efrat is by her treasury picks,and I want to share her creativity with you-

Creative Posters & Photography for The Modern Home

Spooning Poster 30.4x42cm LIGHT BLUE AQUA


From PetekDesign

I'm afraid to think it's true -Even Walls Have Ears Poster

I Am The Fly on the Wall (ye right..You wish to be lolol)

This one is in Hebrew and DEF the wish of all of us in at least one point of our life (the title is the English translation ^^)

So...if you wish to be a fly on PetekDesign's wall, check her blog or like her on FaceBook-I surely will


Monday, July 26, 2010

Birth Skirt-wrap style

A couple of days ago I finished making a custom order of a wrap skirt that has a special purpose -one lovely pregnant lady from Greece suppose to wear it during her birth process.

So I bet you all wonder how my pregnant belly got to be so big all of a sudden ...
Well,no, I'm not pregnant again (yet :) I just use my belly cast from my previous (and first) pregnancy to shoot all my maternity designs.
I love my belly cast-it reminds me of the exiting times from 3 years back and also helps me showcasing in the present...How great is that!
Sierra asked me the other day, why am I wearing her "home" again...That was so funny ,especially cause her birthday is tomorrow (July 28th)!

O.K, back to the wrap birth skirt-

This is a very comfortable skirt that perfectly accommodates all labor positions and medical equipment. It designed with an adjustable rubber band to the back and drawstring ties on the front-grows as you grow, and shrinks back, too :)
The wrap been closed with velcro closure for easy on, easy off.
Made of soft jersey knit for a more casual look.
Side slits for movement and a sleeker silhouette
Bend, sit, squat or walk the halls as needed without any extra material in your way.
Comfortable under-belly cut accommodates monitoring and stays off sensitive skin during contractions.
Don't just wear it for your birth! Pull it on for everything from prenatal appointments and yoga to a walk in the park. (At least that how I use my skirt when I'm not pregnant)

Daphne, I wish you an easy and quick labor and hope you will enjoy your new skirt

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Potato sacks for all your Rustic needs!

Since Etsy has launched their Treasury East Search I found some "lost" treasuries my items were featured in-here is one of the lost treasures

Lovely Burlap creations!!!!!
Thanks a bunch to riotact88 for featuring my pixie top


Friday, July 23, 2010

Recycling Flying Tickets Project

This is a wonderful project which involves up-cycling+nostalgia+useful idea all together- Making a collaged photo album from your last vacation's flying tickets!

It seems like ages since our family trip to the US,but actually it's been only 2 month since we came back. During our journey we had a total of 9!!!! flights ,during each we had collect 27!!! flying tickets...

Usually one will throw this suppose to be waist,but not we-we collect ALL our tickets from all our international trips.
After returning to Israel, my hubby decided to clean our storage room and I found VERY old photo albums with this retro photo laminated to the cover (yak),so I ripped off the lamination from the cover,sand it a little to give it a raw surface and gave it a totally new cover by collaging all our tickets and memorabilia onto it. All was topped with a glaze to give it an extra shine and durability and vu-a-la my new and uh,so fantastic photo Album was born

Front Cover-Flying tickets; Mexican phone card & local curtsy (pesos)

Back cover-Manhattan Subway map; Soap bar cover from Mexico,Cancun & some tickets

Inside cover-Cancun resort flyer;Chichen-Itza - Maya's Archiological Piramyds site pass;Alice's Tea Cup place in Manhattan,NY

Album cover inside-cuncun map

All that left is to print the 1,000,000 photos we took and fill our new album with wonderful memories
Here are some of my FAV pics

Welcome to Chicago

Michigan ave,Chicago

Millennium Park-Cloud Gate

Crown Fountain

Chicago's suburbs

Ducks in local pound

Mr. PettiBear and Me

Mexico, BABY...

Gorgeous Cancun Beaches

Chichen-Itza ,Mexico
ancient Maya's Temple
giant iguana in the middle of the road

Ma petite traveler

Famous Maya Pyramid

The Skull Lake

Chichen-Itza Crafter's Market

The BIG City,NY


Time Square


Central Park
View on Manhattan from Staten Island ferry

Brighton Beach,Brooklyn

Dino's Amusement Park,Brooklyn

There are so many pictures and I wish I could show you more,but I think I'll do that on other occasion as this post got to be way to long