Thursday, February 24, 2011

Treasury TIME!!!!!

Treasuries I recently created for my team- 4littlesquares


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from the Virtual Shoe Museum

I don't have anything to add to the title but -ME WANT!!! ME DROOL!!!



UPGRADED ballerina




and there are so much more to fancy at the VirtualShoeMuseum
Just go there and cry with envy :-D

Earth and Sky, Desert and Night

"The colors of inspirations are all around us "...said dellcovespices the creator of this unique treasury featured with my Purple Galore Statement Bib Necklace and I totally agree with that!
I get inspired from my surrounding a lot ,sometimes even food can inspire my muses...I don't talking about eating it... (although,eating is great too) but more the vibrant colors of the spices can really trigger my creative juices!!!
Spices's colors can inspire a whole fashion collection,or give a mood to accessory line...

Everybody like spices...
Here some I found at dellcovespices shop which I think can make a very interesting and unique gift to anyone who appreciate nature's gift to us

dellcovespices life mantra (as seen on their etsy profile)

"We think cooking is fun".
You never know what you'll discover!

"For us, it's a way to relax and share the stories of the day, and a means of showing affection to those close to us".

"We fell in love over bowls of spicy gumbo and platters of freshly shucked oysters.
We travel for work, which lets us explore farmers markets, Amish produce auctions and hidden spice shops in big cities and tiny towns".

We live by this simple mantra: "It’s good to play with your food".

Great Mantra! Great products :)

A Tree Full of Owls

Well,the title says it all :)
Lovely selection of owl creation curated by DixSterling featured with my Owl Purse

This treasury was created by silversmith artisan and I found some lovely wearable works of art for your viewing or buying pleasure

Here are my favorite picks-

A little bit about DixSterling (as she's telling us on her etsy profile)

Living on a floating home is wonderful but space is tight.
My artistic passion was suffering until I took a silver-smithing course.
A perfect fit!
Today, I am happily addicted to creating distinctive, one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art.
Each of my creations is seeking a woman who values originality and is not afraid to draw attention.

I just noticed the lovely owner of the above creations, has celebrated her Birthday yesterday...

So of course, I want to wish a Happy Birthday to you Dear and MANY more years of amazing crafting!

all the pretty colors

Noella Beauty Works created a beautiful and soft etsy treasury named "all the pretty colors"
featured with my Sailor Knot Headband...and my theory about our shop reflecting the choices we make while creating treasuries has proven me right again!!!
Just from a glimpse to Jaclyn's shop,you'll know what I mean-SO MUCH PRETTY COLORS...And all meant to be used on our faces (but please, not at ones!!!)
Here are some choices I would add to my make up bag (wow all those great products make me so nostalgic...Years ago,I studied to be a make up artist..I must show you some of my works from back then some day :)

But hey,enough about me...lets see the goods from NoellaBeautyWorks shop

Noella Beauty Works is your one-stop shop for PURE, NATURAL Mineral Makeup.
Offered in NBW is an extensive line of mineral eyeshadows, foundations, concealers and blush at affordable prices.

Noella Beauty Works only supplies mineral makeup with the finest, purest ingredients and each and every shade is custom made, hand mixed/shaken, jarred and packaged all by me,Jaclyn

In Noella Beauty Works makeup you will NEVER find:
-Synthetic Dyes
-Synthetic Fragrances

And choices and beauty tips for you-

For all you blue/green eye ladies, here is a great set to emphasize the beauty of your eyes

you also can add just a touch of blue or green (but not too much-just a touch)

and this is my cup of tea (I own a set of brown eyes :-D )

and... here is a great listing if you'd like to follow your own taste



A little about Noella Beauty Works-

"My name is Jaclyn and I'm the owner of Noella Beauty Works".

"I'm 21 and a full time student, a part time Barista at a local coffee shop and a full time etsian...I'm a busy bee! But I enjoy every second of it".

"My goal here is to provide a quality product, at an affordable price and above all offer excellent customer service".

Become a FB fan and get instant access to GIVEAWAYS, specials, discounts, sneak peeks and more!

Wow... lady, you are young !!! I sure you stand before a great and pretty future , all painted in PRETTY COLORS!!!!

Good Luck with your FANTASTIC line,I sure will try your products-they all look fabulous!


Another great cluster by marbled featured with my Bead Embroidered Statement FOX Pendant Necklace
for the feature I wrote about marbled go here


My Secret Garden- LIMITED EDITION tote bag made it again to a BEAUTIFUL treasury this time by ZirKulas :)
Ane,the artist behind this beauty^^ is so very talented!!!
When I clicked to see her shop,I immediately fell in love...She draws lovely characters I wish to own for Sierra and her future sister room!!!!

I collected some I really,really liked :)

Quiet - art print I think this one is my favorite :)

and one for boys room (maybe some of you have them too :-D )

A little info about the lovely Ane (taken from her etsy profile )

The idea of ZirKulas is sharing the good things among us.
ZirKulas is my place of sharing my obsession and need for drawing with you.

Actually it first came into system when one of my sons grew older and school got harder. Homework became a problem. His suggestion was having me sitting beside him with pencil and paper during his homework. The atmosphere of work created by me drawing, helped him concentrate on his work and made it easy for him to ask for help. Something he really needed.

That is what ZirKulas is about. Do the best out of things, share it, circulate the inspiration and work.

WOW!!! That is a fabulous idea - sitting and working beside your kid while he's doing his homework to fill him with confidants and make him feel safe-I'll try to follow your steps when my kid will grow up or even now... :)

Wonderful tip and FANTASTIC illustrator form the White and Beautiful, frozen Norway

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Another great cluster by DirtyDeedsSoaps featured with my and Minasmoke's "My Secret Garden" LIMITED EDITION tote bag"

Check out the feature I wrote about DirtyDeedsSoaps here

In the Air....Spring that is!

Check out my Twisted Knotted Bow Dress in this lovely spring smelling treasury created by craftedbylindy.
I just love the mint green scattered all around (the Eco-Friendly paper has the perfect color-don't you think?)

Well,without spending to many words admiring the little squares above, lets check what craftedbylindy has to offer us...You'll LOVE her modern cute little paper goods!!!!

Here are my FAVS

Lets get to know Lindy a bit better
Here is what she told us about herself on her etsy profile-

I'm a wife, stay-at-home mom and Etsy shop owner from Calgary Alberta.
My education is in Fine Arts, specifically Technical Theatre which actually lead me to volunteer management which I'd been doing up until we had our son 3 years ago.

I have many obsessions which include photography, architecture, design, event planning, and most noticeably paper!
I've recently become quite addicted to blogging. I write on two of my own blogs as well as contribute to two others.

I'm a proud member of the Etsy Alberta Street Team which I'm also the administrator for.

I love creating and nothing beats the rush of discovering something new or having a project turn out exactly how it's pictured in my head.

I've been obsessed with paper for a number of years. When I made the decision to stay at home with my son full time I decided I needed something for me.
I've been making cards and stationary for a number of years so I quickly started working on some images and opened my Etsy shop in February of 2009.
I didn't realized how much my shop would feel like work, how many great people I would meet and how much I would love it! It's been a fantastic experience.

Welcome to my paper obsession.

Find her here-

Nice to meet you Lindy!!!
Good Luck with your beautiful obsession :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

full moon

I really like the Full Moon treasury created by ORphotography featured with my and Minasmoke's Boree - LIMITED EDITION tote bag
Sometimes,you can't put a finger on why you like this particular composition and why it makes you tick...In this case you go and check the art of the person who has created the collection...

This was the case with ORphotography and OMGosh, let me tell you, I've found a pound of great style and stunning works of art!
No wonder I liked the treasury Olivia has created...

Here are just a tiny bit of prints I LOVED from Olivia's shop

GREAT talent-don't you think ?! And with a sense of humor too... this was taken from ORphotography 's profile-

"I march to my own drum and sing my own off-key tune. I am a creative soul with a quirky little habit of referring to myself as an artist".

"I opened this Etsy shop to display my photographic art... and perhaps sell a print or two".

I sure, with all those incredible works,you'll sell hundreds of prints!!!!!!!!