Sunday, February 20, 2011

full moon

I really like the Full Moon treasury created by ORphotography featured with my and Minasmoke's Boree - LIMITED EDITION tote bag
Sometimes,you can't put a finger on why you like this particular composition and why it makes you tick...In this case you go and check the art of the person who has created the collection...

This was the case with ORphotography and OMGosh, let me tell you, I've found a pound of great style and stunning works of art!
No wonder I liked the treasury Olivia has created...

Here are just a tiny bit of prints I LOVED from Olivia's shop

GREAT talent-don't you think ?! And with a sense of humor too... this was taken from ORphotography 's profile-

"I march to my own drum and sing my own off-key tune. I am a creative soul with a quirky little habit of referring to myself as an artist".

"I opened this Etsy shop to display my photographic art... and perhaps sell a print or two".

I sure, with all those incredible works,you'll sell hundreds of prints!!!!!!!!


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