The Documented Life Project

The Documented Life Project 

Exactly one month ago I've started a great journey called The Documented Life Project
Basically ,it's a mix of planner, journaling and ART  weekly challenges that each week bring out the best of me for some many reasons ...!!!!

The most important reason for me to join this adventure was the fact that besides sketching patterns for my fashion,I haven't touched a paintbrush for about 14 years!!!! (can you believe? ) and I think my soul missed it so much ,I was drawn to this group of 4,675 people like fireflies to fire.
Another reason to join in is quite simple -I have tons of ideas racing in my mind ,daily and trying to remember them all ,just overloaded my brain ...It's like having an everlasting firestorm in you,so by keeping a journal ,I feel less ADHD and it helps to put some of this fire to rest .
Now when I have an idea,I don't need to start it as a project and 15 minutes later on put it to side and begin another one just for the sake of remembering ...I write the idea down and know that when I'll have time for it,I'll make it happen (don't worry,I still run at least 3 projects simultaneously, this just helps me focus more :D )

Now the truly great thing about all this documented life for me,is the weekly guided challenges -
I LOVE all thing inspiring ,and having art topics to deal with ,make the art creating process for me MUCH easier ! If I don't have someone telling me to create art,I might leave my paint gear for additional 14 years and that obviously would be a shame

So to start with this project one needs a planner -most use Moleskin ,others different types of sketchbooks,I hand bound my own Planner
Making my own books give me the opportunity to play with both the choice of colour  of my pages and the weight of them-Moleskin planners tend to have a very lightweight papers people gesso to prevent their markers to bleed through .Binding my own book gave me the option to use heavy weight 160 gms cardstock in a cool gold colour AND print my own doodled day dividers
Each season has a different doodled layout

P.s, you can purchase a ready to print files of each of these fun doodle layouts in my Graphic Design etsy shop - TiamatDesign
But wait,don't run off yet,read on for a nice surprise....

On Top of all that coolness,I chosed to make a fabric ,hand embroidered cover to truly showcase myself (apparently ,I'm a flower girl :D  )

 mix of vintage embroidery patterns  ,hand embroidered on a heavy weight canvas

 long stitch binding
gold pages peaking out 

and this is the inside cover (flower girl going strong :D )
first page with my name,year and PettiBear logo on

O.k, so obviously you can see I'm excited :p
To share my excitement  with the world ,and to make some of you happy in the process ,I decided  to release the doodled files for all my readers and followers as a freebie !!!

I won't ask much in return either!

Just a simple courtesy of mentioning my brand- TiamatDesign and a link to my etsy shop
to your followers in case and you choose to download one of the files and use them in your journaling or art project-simple as is!
And if you like, you can even share the result of your art with me,and I'll feature it here on my blog

So without further ado ,lets do some fun doodled art 



 Jan 1 ,Week One Challenge

guidelines :
photograph, sketch, paint or incorporate your front door-  "As the door opens on our new year, we all share the bond of having an entry into our home,  our lives, ourselves.
Through the artistic medium of your choice, show us a bit of where you live in the symbol of your door, entryway or porch. Think a bit about how you can use your door to express your personality, your life, what you value."

Here is my door
Mixed Media-
Gelli printed wood grain background in water colour scheme -cause it's the year of the Wooden Horse and water nurtures wood .
Doodled front door
Hand written business blessing (Hebrew) -cause my planner will be all about attracting/bringing in a good luck and fortune for my business )
Some additional Feng Shui symbols as the Lucky Bamboo and Double Happiness Sign.
And of course a little Mezuzah doodle with the 3 Hebrew letters " שדי" that represent the words "Keep Israel Doors Safe" ,to keep my family safe and blessed as well

in my planner 

 Jan 5th, Week Two

The Documented Life Project - Challenge
Say Cheese!!! This week's challenge is to incorporate a selfie into your planner.  This can be done as simply as snapping a photo with your phone, printing it out and adding to your planner.  Don't want to add your sweet face to your planner? No worries, why not sketch or paint a likeness?  Can't sketch or paint? No worries, consider using words to describe yourself and add those to your planner. Not into the selfie scene? This challenge is optional!

My second challenge is ready

My SELFY -I call it חייה בסרט *

Thought ,I would kill for legs that long,actually it's just a fashion illustration which represent me the best these days- I'm a Fashion and Accessory designer
I do wear my hair like this-LOVE Victorian Rolls

Actually,I don't like stars-that's just what my washi says about me
But I do live my life in a different dimension (in Hebrew we call it "חייה בסרט" * "Haya be-Seret" which literally means " lives in a movie" but in English it will better translates as "Lives in a Wonderland " -Yep,that's ME -that's why my washi is trashing me lol

I AM wicked -that's what my Mom says about me and I know for sure my mother in law DEF telling people I'm a witch

The Anchor is to represent my Daddy-one of the loves of my life -seriously,I LOVE my Dad to pieces and wanted him to be in my selfy!!

The lipgloss represents the very first thing I've learned after graduation high school -I went to study to be a Make Up Artist, but haven't practiced it but on myself and the models I shoot for my collections

The tiny words near my photos telling about me being a free spirit girl-I'm a sagittarius ,so I'm always up for a good adventure ,thus the words "bags & fun "

And lastly, my photo goofing around with my loved ones -hubby and my girls (it's an old photo taken about 2.5 years ago  But I still look the same and my printer played a trick on me and stopped working right after I bought new cartridges for him (what an unappreciative printer he is....)
Anyway,couldn't print an up-to-date photo of me ,BUT I actually really happy with this one as it's so much ME without the posing and fakeness ,you know

I just LOVE this project-it's like a free therapy lol

 Original Gelli Print prior selfy

in my planner

January 12 , Week Three

Challenge  -  Add an envelope from your mailbox. Get creative and add the whole envelope or parts of the envelope.  Journal on it, write notes on it or use it as a pocket!

Made this entry as a spread -half of it on the actual planner the other half as an envelope tip in.
The doodled characters were drawn in a car ,on a road trip to Tel Aviv :)

The front of the envelope was decoupaged with decorative cardstock and pieces of my Gelli prints, stamped with a cute birdie and a bicycle stamps by Imaginisce  and has an inspirational quote I like



I left the original posting stamps on

Envelope's reverse side was Gelli Printed and a doodled dude was added-he is in love ;)

The subject of his love was drawn on the planner's page

For some unknown reason ,I drew the 20's looking lady pregnant...
Not to stress my hubby much in case and he sees this page spread,( no dear,I'm NOT pregnant)
I added a 'LOVE' sticker onto her belly to give this all a deeper meaning...

 this is how everything look like in the journal while closed

and with the altered envelope door opened for love

Simple yet with a smell of fresh love

Jan 18, Week Four

Challenge-  Write a secret message and then paint over all but one key word

"The DREAM catcher "
Mixed Media

 original Gelli Print

 Woven Dream Catcher and zentangled feathers

 My secret message is 

I'll turn my can'ts into cans

and my DREAMS into plans ...

tipped in my journal

1/25 Week Five
Challenge :Add a doodle border.
Mixed Media beauty with her Head Up in the sky

 tipped in my journal

2/1 Week Six
 Challenge: Open your Pinterest board and be inspired
I call it "Bird Story"
I did this one on a whim - while making screenprint of two birds for one of my hand bound book covers ,I decided to print the same birdies on a Gelli Print I had laying around (the screen was already flooded with too much paint and it was a waste to waste it ) .
When I printed it ,I didn't have any artist in mind ,but looking backwards I guess ,the influence came from the talented Genin whose work I adore !!
I haven't looked on her work to be inspired by per se ,but following her here on FB, must have triggered my artistic sciences

original gelli print

 February 8, 2014 Week Seven

Challenge - Draw one shape - repeat - add color
Simple as is

"handmade with love"
Mixed Media collage
4 Printing Techniques-
Gelli printed background
Hand screen-printed vintage Singer graphic
Patterned Roller imprint
Digitally printed on cotton vintage doll

My official repeat pattern would be the screen-printed thread bobbins ,but the print is full of repeat patterns ,even the washi tape :)

Acrylan stuffed vintage fabric doll stitched to the page

Tipped in the journal 

By Viki Tiamat

February 15, 2014 (Week Eight)

  Challenge- Add a flap to your flap

My original tip in was Gelli print and handdrawn  Doodled flowers on top
I really liked the original print and had mental difficulties covering it up with opaque media,so I decided to go with collaged Mylar sheet as my flap on flap 


The decision of going with Alice in Wonderland theme was a mix of practical and intuitive 
I had this shadow box I previously made as  part of Xyron projects,which I never really used for anything-it was pretty and all,but something in it was just not enough for me to display it,yet I had hard time to discard it (as usual) it laid in the dark  collecting dust for a while ,till this flap challenge here 

For the practical, what I did was basically taking the whole thing apart and reassemble the same concept on the mylar,but this time I decided to colour these beautiful illustrations

After I glued the characters on the mylar,I coloured the inlines of some of the yet remaining visible flowers underneath ,but the colour went ONLY on the transparent sheet.
So when you look at the overall picture ,the flowers have super vivid tones,yet when the mylar sheet is raised,a totally different picture is revealed -like  real Wonderland in my own journal

As it looks in my journal

By Viki Tiamat

February 22, 2014 -Week Nine
 Challenge - Collage something you recycled

OMGosh...Am I LOVING this Documented Life challenge or am I LOVING this challenge :)
Yep, loving it!!!!
This week was just at my alley !!!! One of the things I do best is upcycling ...
And this challenge couldn't come in a better time either-
I'm just returning from a HUGE lifestyle and DIY event that took place in Tel Aviv ,teaching Swimsuit  Designing & Drafting masterclass at,and if I wouldn't collect lots of cool memorabilia ,it would  have been a total failure from my behave ...
But don't worry,I did and this challenge was just perfect for smaching it all on a page of my journal 

So,while staying in Tel Aviv for the event weekend,me and the hubs came across this AWESOME restaurant called "Pua" .
It's a really great place to eat in !!! The food was delish and the ambiance is amazing!!
All the furniture in the place is collected from the flea market and everything in it is up for sale-how cool is that?! So if you by chance passing Jaffa's flea market, the restaurant is located in an alley of the market itself .
And the cherry on top is that they will wrap your take out in a super cool doggie bag!!!!
They upcycle old newspaper from India ,to make a paper bag for your leftovers !!!
That been said,of course I kept the bag and this would be the base of my week 9 layout
   And I even didn't took it apart ,instead I just folded it as it was originally before the food came in ,and the fold became my pocket 

To decorate the front I left the original take-out sticker the restaurant put on the doggie bag,cause I actually LOVED the graphic design of the little vintage girl 
Not to leave the girlie alone and sad as is,I gave her some robot friends :)
The right one is a work of art by Tal Tenne Czaczkes -a great Israeli artist, a really nice and vibrant lady in person and one of the teachers from the masterclasses of the Craft Delly event.
The bottom lady robot was a clothes tag from Castro Kids I kept,cause it's so frickn cute

If you look on the bottom half of my layout,you'll find the promotional postcard from the Delly event itself (the black one) and on the right side ,another beautiful promo Art postcard from a fellow artist and teacher who had teach a masterclass at the event ,named Hagit Azoulay Rosanes -a super talented artist as you may see

The "Made in Tel Aviv" thingy in the middle of the layout,is a receipt  from a super cool shop in the "Hatachana" compound in Tel Aviv (where the Craft Delly event took place) in which lots of designed memorabilia about Tel Aviv and it's glory been sold

Finally I added some bits of washi and Ta Da, my recycled layout is complete :)

as seen in my Art Journal
Since I loved the concept of this week's challenge so much ,I decided to capture the process of "making of " and make a video for you ,my crafty peeps.
So here it is-hope you'll like it :)

*It's my very first time to edit a video,so bare with me and my coughing and forgetting to mute the sound at times :D 


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