Monday, June 18, 2012

From electriacal spools to AWESOME one of Cake stand

Sierra's birthday is fast approaching and I'm head over with preparations ....
I started early cause I have this annoying tendency to leave everything till the end and then pressuring myself to make all in a VERY short time for ones in my life, I decided to start early and finish all in time .
I plan on a HUGE bash for her 5th B-Day party and the  theme would be Beauty Salon cause this is what best describes my big princess-she is so girly and into beauty and fashion that how could I not to through her a party in this theme :)
I have really big plans for the activities which I hope I'll be able to actually forfill and I already collected a lot of ideas for the desert table too-thanks GOD to Pinterest and the variety in holds :)
and....Since I'm a former cake decorator ,of course there will be a cool girly cake (the design of the cake will remain a secret till after the party -I actually debating a couple of ideas in my head and yet to decide on the one I want to go with ..) BUT  i DEF decided on the cake stand style!
I found a really neat stand from AppleTreeDesign called Dilly Dots while browsing the net -it was made of  ceramic I think ,and was very fun and wimsy  I went through their other stuff and got so inspired that I made up my mind on doing a cake stand of my own .
Making my own pottery is not my cup of tea ,but creating stuff using upcycled materials is so very ME ..... After a quick brain storm I immediately figured I want to use the electriacal spools my hubs brought from work to make my whimsy stand .
The spools are PERFECT for this task as they already as is sort of a cake stands-they have the bottom and upper trays and the middle pole that separates the tires-an awesome candidate  which only needs the proper decoration....and that's where I come into the picture -I'm the perfect men for the decoration job
Check out how the magic happens :)

 one simple electrical cord spool
 drawing the hands (Sierra's hands were the perfect mold)
 giving the hand some red polish mani 
adding blings
 dressing the body with a sequin top
 making the 3D hands 

 some more jewelry
 back side got a pink bolero and cute little tutu
coloring the base
 pattern making for the base (leftovers from IKEA 's slide curtains )
 looking damn pretty :)
 adding some more sequins to the side of the bolero
 bottom tire is DONE! Now upper tire makeover 
 base coat for the face
 BIG blue eyes like Sierra's :)
 make up & earrings
 dressing her with strapless sequin tank top
 pompon trim for the hat
 lace trim for the base
 every fashionista MUST have some puff -adding lace appulettes 
Finished!!!! AND Loving it!!!!
 Can be used separately or together

Stay tuned to see how it all looked with the cake and cupcakes on the stand-should be soooo FUN!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Amazing ‪Watermelon art‬‏ - YouTube

O.K I'm one month away from Sierra's 5th Birthday and I'm collecting crazy cool ideas for her Party-this one just stroke me-

‪Watermelon art‬‏ - YouTube