Sunday, April 24, 2011

Art Fire collections 3

Purple Galore Statement Bib Necklace was featured at a new Art Fire collection


Art Fire collections 2

My Emerald Allure Statement Bib Necklace was featured at the Art collection


Art Fire collections

Well,I'm in it with my Emerald Allure Statement Bib Necklace, so why not posting it here too :)


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Glitter Flowers wall decoration DIY

In my "It's time for check list... " post I wrote about making a  multicolor glittered flowers to decorate the walls and thought maybe you'd like to do the same for your kid's room decorations,so I took some making of photos to share with you
To make your wall shine,you'll need -
a simple sticky stencil
any glaze you use for your paper crafts
paint brush 

  1. Cut any shape you like using a sticky sheet- I'm using a simple vinyl and my Silhouette cutter machine to cut my stencil,but you easily can cut a simple shape in the vinyl by using your craft knife 
  2. Stick the vinyl stencil in it's chosen place on the wall
  3. Put a nice coat of glaze in the "stamping" area 
  4. Wait a bit till it becomes a bit tacky 
  5. Using your fingers, "glue" the glitter in the previously glazed areas 
  6. Peel of the stencil-don't let the glaze dry,otherwise while pulling,you may accidentally  remove some of the glitter off the wall
  7. Let dry and enjoy the sparkles  


Shabby Chic Jewelry Display Bulletin Board-DIY

Princess Sierra has a lot of Royalty jewels which must be put somewhere I had a thought of  making one of these display frames you often see in jewelry shops and craft fairs.
I had all the needed supplies and within a hour or so,Shabby Chic jewelry display was born 

To make one for yourself,you'll need -
cork sheet
gypsum or acrylic shapes 
white spray
hot glue
double sided tape
and some push pins

Gather your supplies
  1. Shape with your gypsum flourishes the frame you'd like to create and trace that shape on your cardstock 
  2. Cut the cardstock and the cork accordingly 
  3. Using your double sided tape, tape the cork onto the cardstock                                                         *I used two layers of the tape to give some "meat" to the display board otherwise,the cork sheet is too thin and the push pins won't hold in place.                                                                            If you're not going to make an intricate shape for your display board,you always can upcycle an old and ready bulletin board,which usually has a layer of cardboard inside,that will give you enough depth to stick the pin in...Otherwise,use my method 
  4. When your base is ready,it's the paint job time- spray the gypsum shapes with the white spray to give them the Shabby look
  5. Hot glue the shapes onto the bulletin board  you had previously create 
  6. Spray it white too
  7. Stick in your push pins and here you have it-your beautiful handmade jewelry display 
A few month back I'd write about the great etsy shop TableLabs Herbal Tea variety , today I can state for REAL that other then the fact that the owner of the shop is awesome and very pleasant person ,her teas are FANTASTIC!!! 
After reading my post,she  kindly offered  to send me some of her lovely teas for me to taste and not only write about
I got the Blooming Tea - 5 assorted blooms and Rooibos Belle de Provence 1 oz loose leaf tea
(it's a chocolate cream truffles flavor tea-my favorite!)

Here^^  is the little treat package I got

These teas arrived at the right time too-I was flue sick and the teas REALLY made my day!!!

Akvile, Thank You a bunches again for the wonderful tea package-I LOVED it!!!! 

Diaper Stacker Bag

Yesterday eve I sat to make the diaper stacker bag I was missing (for previous handmade bedding creations read here )
Great results! I like it very much :)
Here it is with all it's glory -

The front is hand screen-printed with Minasmoke's lovely illustrations ,while the sides are yet again made of flower patterned fabrics I've used to make the fitted sheets and all the other bedding accessories