Thursday, March 24, 2011

9 month journey is almost finished...But what a journey it was

So... how all it began-

Somewhere in the beginning of August I found out that I'm expecting a new addition to our family (a really wanted and planned one ,I may say :)
With Sierra,it took us almost two years of trying...! This time, it took substantially shorter period of time,so me being pregnant was a great surprise for both me and my hubby.

I didn't told my hubs right away as I wanted to deliver the good news in a special way...
I saw this idea on the web of fabric envelope with a message inside (click on the link for a how to) and thought of a great idea to make it more suitable for my needs- I asked my friend Minasmoke for a permission to use one of her papercut works as a print (huge thanks dear friend for letting me use and manipulate your gorgeous creation for my needs) and following the easy instructions above, created a "Family Tree" envelope of Tiamat extended familia

So after secretly sewing the envelope and stuffing it with the positive pregnancy test, I put it inside of the glove compartment in my car and drove to pick up my dear husband from work...
When he entered the car I advised him to open the glove compartment by saying he got something delivered for him (he has made the same in the past for me with a BEAUTIFUL ring he had buy me after our first baby girl was born ) .
At the beginning , he didn't even get what I want from him :-D
OPEN the envelope, babe!!!!!!

Can you imagine how surprised he was-a PURE JOY :)

The first couple of months were really difficult for me...
But on the bright side,I got 100 times more creative during the mid and last pregnancy period-my head is FULL of ideas for the future and I'm just restless -can't stop working :)

I'm blessed with great husband,beautiful daughter and wonderful friends!!!

The time just flew and during the months, me and Minasmoke had launch our new 2011 special edition PettiSmoke spring collection,a new line of tote bags ,I launched my own small spring line and there are many more projects cooking up on a burner

9 month!!!! and what a journey!!!

To celebrate the near end and new beginning, my husband traditionally made a belly cast of my HUGE 9 month pregnant belly-great and VERY recommended experience !!!

and now...all left is to finish all my "baby" projects and have a quick and easy birth

Sierra's new clothed- DIY

Make something new from old piece of junk anytime you can!!!
That's a good motto right :)
Well it's mine, and I intend on using it anytime I possibly can!

This time it was just a necessary step we had to do!!!
Since Sierra is going to share her room with her soon to be born little sister, we had to clear up some space for the baby bed and dresser...
Though ,Sierra has quite a big room,it just wasn't big enough to contain all the necessary furniture... We had to get rid of the cardboard clothed I'd make for her years ago and put the nursery articles instead.
But ,moving the clothed away hasn't solved the clothes issue -Sierra must have her clothes right :-D
So...we are really tight on space and there are no additional walls (why there are only 4 walls in her room when I need 5!!!) and we still need to put her clothes somewhere ...
Hubby suggested clearing a space in our clothed...(Hell NO!!! I don't have enough space as is!!!!) ...I suggested on the other hand, making a new shelving system to put the clothes in ,instead :)
Hubby wasn't happy....Yet again he had to work after work ,while trying to satisfy my wild dreams.
He also was wondering from what am I looking to build the new clothed from,and I immediately pointed on the old ladder we had found months ago.
Of course, I had to involve my daddy in the project too ,as we had the base for the shelves (the ladder),but we didn't have the shelves their self ...So I drove to my dad's work and have him take apart some old construction wood pallets... and Vu a la ,Sierra has a new open clothed

Here are some making of pictures

I also plan on adding a hung pole on the bottom so Sierra can hung all her dresses and coats

Thanks to my wonderful husband for making ALL my pregnant (and non) dreams come true


Sunday, March 20, 2011

MY 2nd FP!!!!

**follow up post^^

My second FP was thanks to new talent in town - two best friends, Madison and Jessica aka Veiled , who lovingly created an etsy treasury named "so fresh, so clean.."

Both ladies are obviously have an eye for fashion,being creative, and all things vintage.

"Each of us (as they state on their etsy profile ) have been putting our creativity into action all of our lives- painting, drawing, sewing, even becoming a hairstylist and a makeup artist"!

Since Veiled is still fresh and new to ETSY, I managed to collect only a tiny glimpse of their work for you, but I sure their shop will grow to become a beautiful swan in the shortest while...

Meanwhile, here are two gorgeous creations by these talented ladies

Birdcage Bridal Veil with Vintage Broach Fascinator and Ostrich Plumes
Photo Credit: Jessica Heatwole Lehigh taken from Veiled FB Fan page

Madison and Jessica are in accessory business since 2009.

"We have combined our loves and created VEILED- custom made headpieces, veils, headbands, and more"!

No matter how large or small the event, they want you to look your best.
You can choose from the variety of designer head pieces and accessories available,
or contact the ladies for custom piece just for you!

Their accessories are made utilizing materials that are reused, recycled or sustainable products whenever possible!!!!

If you'd like to know more about Veiled




Or just heart their shop :)

THANK for featuring my Sailor Knot Headband and bringing it to the Etsy's Front Page


כשנכנס אדר,מרבים בשמחה

In Hebrew we have a saying telling-when enters "Adar"
( the sixth month of the civil year and the twelfth month of the religious year on the Hebrew calendar),we must be joyful...

Well,this month was DEF on the happy side for me :)
My Sailor Knot Headband was featured TWICE!!! on Etsy's Front Page
Friday-March 11

and then again on Sunday-March 13

Totally cool and for sure made me joyful :)

Of course, as usual I've checked the shops of the curators of the treasuries that brought me onto the FP and both have AWESOME finds!

I'll start with the first treasury that made me happy-
Muted Spring or in-between by legalmisssunshine

You all must know already how much I LOVE repurposed goods- LegalMissSunshine DEF provides a great deal of upcycled and VERY functional items any lady will love to add to her room decor!!!

Here are some I would LOVE to own

This beautiful purple display is repurposed from poker chip trays to allow you to cleverly display your earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and more!

So,who is this lovely Miss Sunshine...
Here is some info shared by the talented legal miss on her etsy profile-

"Hi, I'm Andrea"!

"I live in Los Angeles with my fish, "Feesh", attend law school full time, and in my spare time, I craft"!

"You may be thinking- "Whoa, what spare time, you're in law school!" But yes, to take a break from the reading, briefing and highlighting, I whip out my hammer, drill and paint brush and upcycle vintage pieces or create new items".

"Any other spare time is spent with my wonderful boyfriend, running and training for marathons, or craft nights with the ladies".

BEAUTIFUL creations!!
and HUGE HUG from me,for bringing my headband to the FRONT PAGE

to be continue...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thinking of Spring

So fresh! Does make me thinking of spring-bright and sunny treasury by SundriesAndPlunder featured with my Sunshine Droplets Statement Necklace

How can you not love it^^-you can smell the spring by only looking at it :)

But what you'd love more,is the creations of the talented creators SundriesAndPlunder
Check out their GORGEOUS handmade masks

Here are my FAVS

and for ambiance

Lets see what can we learn about these lovely and talented ladies-

"We are two sisters from Oregon, one living in Portland, and the other in Bend".

"Between being raised by creative parents, and the need to stay entertained during the Pacific Northwest's long rainy season, it was probably inevitable that we would become two insatiable crafters ".

"Being that we are two women who are constantly trying to find new ways to keep our fingers busy, our crafts change and grow frequently. And, since the older of us was born with the shopping gene, don't be surprised if the occasional vintage treasure turns up after one of her thrift shop expeditions".

"If you want to keep up on our current project, please visit us on facebook".

I sure will drop you a visit ladies :)
You are wonderful!