Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another Recycling Project

Remember Sierras ladder closet?

 Well it's no longer serves as a closet and now it has reborn into a book shelf :)
And let me tell ya,it's one AWESOME piece-it's not that I haven't liked this same ladder as a closet,but I much more adore it as a shelf

It's like cat with seven lifes ,and this is it's 3rd adventure  :D
I wonder what reincarnation  will bring the future for this vintage ladder...
But meanwhile 


My BIG Win and the FABULOUS Slip Covers

Remember a few months back I told you about my BIG win at Upcycle my Sofa competition thrown by Comfort Works and IKEAfans...
Well my NEW slip covers had arrive!!!!!!!

Can you believe how excited I was!!! OMG!!! so,so excited !!!!
And when I finally dressed my old IKEA Ektrop with my GORGEOUS new covers I literally gasped -they turned out  so STUNNING !!! Truly a work of art.

So a month later ,after my youngest managed to draw with a BLACK marker (yep...BLACK) on the Chaise Lounge and made some pee on it too (I potty train her ,so it's pretty much inevitable ) I have a GREAT review for the covers to share with you

First of all Comfort Works's team is so wonderful to deal with-they are very prompt communicators and very eager to help ! And that is a HUGE plus right here from the begin with and that is even prior to you buying from them anything...
Second pro is the fact that they send a free samplers which is very helpful!
We buy through internet from sellers all across the world ...sellers that a few years back we had never have the chance to even know about...and it's great...BUT there is nothing like the option to see in your own eyes and touch with your own hands...So having Comfort works sending me swatches was great and really helped me to sort through numerous beautiful samples :)
Eventually ,I went with "Augustine Camomile" and you can see in your own eyes how "granny style" chic it is
So here is the BIG REVEAL ...Drams for my new covers please ..............Behold my BEAUTY

Here is a panoramic view of my living room with my new GORGEOUS sofa
 and.....remember I also got a special bonus price...
So here is one of the four lovely round  and roll cushions I've got/
Made with......YEP,my old drawn slip covers :)
 I asked for a rushed sides and these turned out so pretty^^
I also got two rolled cushions ,but I don't have an insert for the yet

I so glad that Rachel from Comfort Works,went with my craze and was willing to have her team sew for me some unordinary cushions and not the simple square  ones (I told you they are a great and willing team of people :)

 And know what else is great-they made the round floor cushion to fit the IKEA's inflated EKORRE swing cushion which happens that we just have purchased for Sierra's room a month ago
The second cushion I actually plan to fill with old upcycled track tire which I think should fit to size of the cushion pretty well too (or at least I hope so)

So here you go ,now you've seen my covers,but what you haven't heard yet,is how EASY they are to clean!!!!
I sure you all are still in sock that Sheluvi has drawn on the covers already,but DON"T worry :)
with a little trick* I have remembered ,I managed to FULLY remove her doodle!!!!
Wanna know my trick?! It's crazy simple ingredient we all have in our fridge -MILK!!!!
Yes, milk's enzyme FULLY removed the black ink-NOTE that for your future kid's Picaso :D

And of course I removed the pee's smell with a dash of simple soda powder ....
And.... the common greasy hands stains, I just wipe off with a baby wipe-YES,that is how easy to clean my new covers!!!!
So it's GORGEOUS and kids friendly too-two birds in one hand :D
And the other hand enjoys from the smooth feel of the velvet like material

Here is how this material is described by Comfort Works:
"This sensational print collection takes floral design to an exciting new level of allure. Update your living space with vintage European inspiried botanicals on a micro-suede textile. Order a sample and fall instantly in love with its dream-like texture "
So,so TRUE!!!

Thank You a bunches Rachel and Comfort Works team for making my living space so much more alluring -anyone who had seen it ,was amazed and immediately got a good word of you :)