Sunday, November 28, 2010

Soon to be an owl purse-stay tuned

I saw this gorgeous owl purse on the web and immediately wanted to make one for myself
It took me about 4!!! days to finish the bead embroidery for the head part of the purse only,but I'm really satisfied by the result and very inspired to keep on working on this new creation

Here are some photos of this new project as it gos

This is how it all starts...

and here is the finished head

All the beads are reclaimed and include
  • Ambers chips I got from my aunt as a necklace (not a necklace no more lol)
  • Vintage Chez polished glass beads (ones were my mom's necklace-second not anymore)
  • Pieces from a vintage broken earrings I bought on the flea market
  • Wood beads and Buddha center from Thailand (used to be my hubbies necklace)
  • Glass cabochons which are now the eyes of the owl, were previously used by me and my husband to decorate our wedding invitations and as the centers of the tables on our wedding day
  • The plastic bead that is the owl's nose now ,ones decorated my flip flops :)
  • and... the lot of seed beads I used for the embroidery were rescued by my hubby from a terrible waist- all were found stashed in a box outside the dumpster

Now, all which left to do is cut the pattern I created for the body of the owl and drill about 100 holes in hundreds of Mexico cent coins left from our recent journey to America, to complete the decoration of the owl
Will surely be a continue for the body of the owl and some photos of the finished purse...So as my title reads-Stay Tuned!!!


So...What am I up to these last couple of days...

After a very "dry" month sells wise,I finally had a truly busy weekend -lots of new sells knocked on my little shoppie's doorway -Yey!!!

Here are some pics of my latest creations

Alice in Wonderland Tee shirt

Hand sewn and screen-printed by yours truly ,with a lovely artwork by Minasmoke

A "Team Thealey" custom designed T-shirts,hand screen-printed

-The design has a really interesting concept I don't understand the meaning of
(maybe a privet joke between two lovers) ,but even though it will remain a mystery to me why the dinosaur is leashing his little bunny friend and why the whole deal is closed for 150 years...! ,it was a true pleasure designing the graphic and printing this funny piece

Just hope that the guy who is going to receive it, will love it as much as my customer and obviously his loving girlfriend does



I also have an order for my famous LO VE his and hers T-shirts on the way

though it's on hold ,since I yet to receive the information needed to print these beauties (sizes and colors). But I sure both will find their way into the loving hands of their rightful owners pretty soon :)

And the freshest order is yet another custom designed T-shirt which I need to start working on ASAP ,and the sooner the better :)
Meanwhile,I can show you only the mock up of the design and as soon as I'll make the actual screen and print it,I'll post an update for your viewing pleasure with the story behind the graphic

-There always is an interesting story behind a custom designed T-shirt :)


The Idea Room: Giveaway...!

Let me start this post by OMG!!!!
I'm in love with the silhouette cutter machine and actually planning on buying it as a birthday gift to myself (and thank a bunches to my father in-law for giving me the $$ to actually buy it-XX Shika)

And now....what am I seeing.....The BEST EVER GIVEAWAY on The Idea Room blog...
A black Friday to Cyber Monday awesomeness -A GIVEAWAY of the Silhouette cutter !!!!
If you too lust it like I am,enter here for your chance to win it -The Idea Room: Giveaway...!

Also,since only one reader will win, The Idea Room is offering a fabulous little extra- a code for Silhouette Cyber Monday deal which only valid on Monday, November 29, 2010 starting at 4 am and ending at midnight the same day!!!
The code will give you the option to get your own Silhouette Machines beauty for $199 only! (originally sold for $299)
This Cyber Monday Deal also includes:
1 Roll of Cream vinyl ( $7.99)
1 Roll of transfer paper ( $7.99)
1 Home decor CD (Value $55)
Total ($70.98) All for ONLY $199!!
That's almost $200 dollar in savings!
The code is "idearoom"
So get your fingers running and enter this fantastic giveaway.
And be quick!!! cause it's almost ending and the comments may not be accepted due to overwhelming demand (sadly it's true, speaking from my own experience )


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Poison Apple Apothecary and my label design

A month ago I was working on a label design for Angela-the owner of Poison Apple Apothecary on etsy

a darkly romantic perfumery located in the heart of haunted Savannah, Georgia.

The request was for a vintage like label design for perfume bottles in style of Jack Daniel's Whiskey bottle label
After some tweaking and back & forth with Angela,here is the final design-I love it!!!

Today in the mail was waiting for me an awesome surprise...
Lovely Angela has sent me a gorgeous smelling Thank You gift -

In the set were waiting for me 6 little oil perfume samples
(see the new label in action :)
We've all seen her... that woman that boozes about town but still manages to keep the utmost sense of propriety in all important social endeavors. Our glasses raise to her, the town lush. Her drink of choice? A perfectly muddled mojito with lime, cane sugar, bruised mint, and a generous splash of rum.
A decadently divine dessert cake that is good until the very last crumb. This perfume oil captures the scent of a warm crumbly cake spiced with nutmeg and allspice, packed with brown sugar, and covered by a glaze of confectioners sugar tinged with french vanilla and lemon zest. So addictive you'll swear it has calories, but we promise it doesn't... sate that sweet tooth!
  • PSYCHE - named after the story of Cupid and Psyche, which was one of the first translations I did in my study of the Latin Language. The legend says that Psyche was too beautiful for her own good, which of course enraged Venus (an all too common theme in Roman mythology). Psyche's perfume is alluring as she was serenely beautiful: a soft and delicate bouquet of violets, jasmine, rose, and vanilla.
  • LAST BREATH-The last surge of glittering life before an endless sleep. Bright lemons pair with soothing lavender, beckoning one to eternal rest. Wonderful for wear anytime, but is especially soothing while trying to drift off to dream.
  • GHOST -A haunting blend of the palest white musks, like an eerie whisper on your skin.
  • GWYLLION -In Welsh mythology, the Gwyllion are mysterious fae who live in the mountains. When the rains fall over the mountains, these mischievous creatures retreat to the valleys and sometimes- the houses of unsuspecting villagers. Their scent is the mingling of clear mountain air, hillside wildflowers, icy rain, and fallen pine needles.
These were the scents Angela had chose for me!
But, if you like to smell the heavenly aroma I'm smelling right now,the listing is calling to Fill Your Tin with Six Artisan Perfume Oil Samples of your choice
You can find the MASTER LIST OF SCENTS here:

For more behind the scene check Poison Apple Apothecary's
or Get on the apothecary MAILING LIST for news of new releases, retirements, sales, events, contests and more!

Angela, THANK YOU for a lovely surprise!
I love and appreciate it a lot!!!


The most perfect Wall-Art I've seen for a long while or even EVER

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Fabulosity-The chic world of Etsy

Chic etsy treasury featured with my Over the Shoulder Asymmetrical top showcases the stylish etsy world.
Curated by the Modern Power jewelry designer metalicious

Here are my favorite picks from metalicious-

Even though I myself not a silver jewelry gal,I can DEF see myself wearing one of these stunning pieces if were made in gold...
Though all are gorgeous in silver of course!!!!

So,whats metalicious is all about?
Metalicious jewelry are modernizing your style!
Gemstones sculpted from sterling silver called Modern Rocks.
Contemporary bubbles designed from round tubing, and hand-stamped inspirational Muse jewelry.
All geometric yet softly shaped for you to wear proudly and cherish forever

metalicious story:
"14 years ago I was in a boring job and was desperate for some creative challenges where I could use my hands. I took myself to the local art school but the pottery class I was interested in was closed. Hmm. The only thing left was a metalsmithing class. So I hammered my heart out and have never looked back. I still have what looks like a tin-can I forged from copper sitting on my jewelry bench. It reminds me how close I came to missing out on my true calling as a jeweler".


Not Lost - Just on an Adventure

Gorgeous etsy treasury by the lovely ZiBags ,featured with my Death Proof Harem wrap skirt/pants

Check my feature of ZiBagz here

Nautical Nonsense

Nonsense...But a lovely one

Thanks to jesslucia for featuring my sailor knot headband


Inspired by the grey fog tinted San Francisco...

I have never been featured twice in the same treasury before-nice to say there is always a first time! And what a honorable first time it is...

Check my Forest Pixie top and my LOVE hand screen-printed T-shirts in this lovely fog inspired etsy treasury curated by luciatheresa


Stylish of beige........

Beige on its hues is one of my favorite colors.
I find it very fashionable for all seasons and great base color for any woman
Here is a very stylish treasury curated by TahelSadot which clearly showcases what I'm talking about,in addition on featuring my cream lovely-sailor knot headband

Now lets see what TahelSadot has to offer us fashionable ladies

Here are my favorites

Carambola Leather Bag (my absolute favorite)

After seeing beautiful bags and purses,we must get to know Tahel a bit better...
So who is the designer behind Mariposa bags?

Meet Tahel Sadot- a lady who has a huge passion to create beautiful accessories and handbags for Women.
One of the leading ideas behind her handbag and purse design is a fluid and asymmetric design combined with functionality.
As we could see,she offers a large selection of purses and handbags in various colors and styles designed handmade by her clearly with a lot of love.

You can also visit Tahel here

Luscious Vixen in Red & Green

Just found this luscious etsy treasury featured with my Emerald Allure statement bib necklace-isn't it gorgeous?!


Amazing paper-cut work!!!!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Fabric Fusion

A few month back I had the chance to design a sign for a true brick and mortar shop in Australia named Fubric Fusion .

The shop owner is a good old customer of mine Sasha from

I had design many digital graphic which I'm proud of,but almost never had the chance to see my design come to life as a real front shop sign
Today I got some pictures which were kindly send to me by Sasha,showing my designs in a real life-how exciting is that

I think they look AWESOME!!!!!!

If you happen to be in Atherton, Australia check the huge fabric variety offered by the nicest lady of Fabric Fusion
Here is their addy-
Telephone - (07) 4091 1470
PO Box 1057, Atherton, Qld, 4883

But if you're like me-siting here on the other side of the world and still want to enjoy from the delicious fabrics Sasha is offering in her shop,go online-visit her etsy or sites and have your fabrics delivered to your door and at a reasonable prices too!!!

Here are some of the cute options I like

Bird Tree. Magenta. by Saffron Craig

Birds in Leaves by Saffron Craig

and something very useful for all the seamstress around here who don't have the option to print their own labels
Custom Iron-On transfer labels with Personal logo

And for a personal note-Sasha,I hope you'll have all the best with your "real" shop and one day I hope to see the signs in my own two eyes in a REAL real-life :)