Sunday, November 28, 2010

So...What am I up to these last couple of days...

After a very "dry" month sells wise,I finally had a truly busy weekend -lots of new sells knocked on my little shoppie's doorway -Yey!!!

Here are some pics of my latest creations

Alice in Wonderland Tee shirt

Hand sewn and screen-printed by yours truly ,with a lovely artwork by Minasmoke

A "Team Thealey" custom designed T-shirts,hand screen-printed

-The design has a really interesting concept I don't understand the meaning of
(maybe a privet joke between two lovers) ,but even though it will remain a mystery to me why the dinosaur is leashing his little bunny friend and why the whole deal is closed for 150 years...! ,it was a true pleasure designing the graphic and printing this funny piece

Just hope that the guy who is going to receive it, will love it as much as my customer and obviously his loving girlfriend does



I also have an order for my famous LO VE his and hers T-shirts on the way

though it's on hold ,since I yet to receive the information needed to print these beauties (sizes and colors). But I sure both will find their way into the loving hands of their rightful owners pretty soon :)

And the freshest order is yet another custom designed T-shirt which I need to start working on ASAP ,and the sooner the better :)
Meanwhile,I can show you only the mock up of the design and as soon as I'll make the actual screen and print it,I'll post an update for your viewing pleasure with the story behind the graphic

-There always is an interesting story behind a custom designed T-shirt :)


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