Thursday, November 18, 2010

Poison Apple Apothecary and my label design

A month ago I was working on a label design for Angela-the owner of Poison Apple Apothecary on etsy

a darkly romantic perfumery located in the heart of haunted Savannah, Georgia.

The request was for a vintage like label design for perfume bottles in style of Jack Daniel's Whiskey bottle label
After some tweaking and back & forth with Angela,here is the final design-I love it!!!

Today in the mail was waiting for me an awesome surprise...
Lovely Angela has sent me a gorgeous smelling Thank You gift -

In the set were waiting for me 6 little oil perfume samples
(see the new label in action :)
We've all seen her... that woman that boozes about town but still manages to keep the utmost sense of propriety in all important social endeavors. Our glasses raise to her, the town lush. Her drink of choice? A perfectly muddled mojito with lime, cane sugar, bruised mint, and a generous splash of rum.
A decadently divine dessert cake that is good until the very last crumb. This perfume oil captures the scent of a warm crumbly cake spiced with nutmeg and allspice, packed with brown sugar, and covered by a glaze of confectioners sugar tinged with french vanilla and lemon zest. So addictive you'll swear it has calories, but we promise it doesn't... sate that sweet tooth!
  • PSYCHE - named after the story of Cupid and Psyche, which was one of the first translations I did in my study of the Latin Language. The legend says that Psyche was too beautiful for her own good, which of course enraged Venus (an all too common theme in Roman mythology). Psyche's perfume is alluring as she was serenely beautiful: a soft and delicate bouquet of violets, jasmine, rose, and vanilla.
  • LAST BREATH-The last surge of glittering life before an endless sleep. Bright lemons pair with soothing lavender, beckoning one to eternal rest. Wonderful for wear anytime, but is especially soothing while trying to drift off to dream.
  • GHOST -A haunting blend of the palest white musks, like an eerie whisper on your skin.
  • GWYLLION -In Welsh mythology, the Gwyllion are mysterious fae who live in the mountains. When the rains fall over the mountains, these mischievous creatures retreat to the valleys and sometimes- the houses of unsuspecting villagers. Their scent is the mingling of clear mountain air, hillside wildflowers, icy rain, and fallen pine needles.
These were the scents Angela had chose for me!
But, if you like to smell the heavenly aroma I'm smelling right now,the listing is calling to Fill Your Tin with Six Artisan Perfume Oil Samples of your choice
You can find the MASTER LIST OF SCENTS here:

For more behind the scene check Poison Apple Apothecary's
or Get on the apothecary MAILING LIST for news of new releases, retirements, sales, events, contests and more!

Angela, THANK YOU for a lovely surprise!
I love and appreciate it a lot!!!

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  1. I really love the design for this, and these are one of my favourite perfumers on Etsy. Well done on a great design! :)