Saturday, November 6, 2010

Stylish of beige........

Beige on its hues is one of my favorite colors.
I find it very fashionable for all seasons and great base color for any woman
Here is a very stylish treasury curated by TahelSadot which clearly showcases what I'm talking about,in addition on featuring my cream lovely-sailor knot headband

Now lets see what TahelSadot has to offer us fashionable ladies

Here are my favorites

Carambola Leather Bag (my absolute favorite)

After seeing beautiful bags and purses,we must get to know Tahel a bit better...
So who is the designer behind Mariposa bags?

Meet Tahel Sadot- a lady who has a huge passion to create beautiful accessories and handbags for Women.
One of the leading ideas behind her handbag and purse design is a fluid and asymmetric design combined with functionality.
As we could see,she offers a large selection of purses and handbags in various colors and styles designed handmade by her clearly with a lot of love.

You can also visit Tahel here

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