Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I'm so proud-my Emerald Allure statement necklace has made it to an awesome treasury again (twice in the same day!)
Thanks to the lovely picks of karenharveycox

I'm actually pretty excited as I haven't had the chance to feature photography works on my blog yet-so meet ,Karen Harvey Cox a talented Painter/Photographer

Karen's Short Bio
"I have been an artist ever since I could hold a crayon.
In 1983 I started watercolor painting, in 1992 moved to Hong Kong and showed my work at the Hong Kong Visual Art Center with a group called Artists Abroad.
I was creating and selling paintings and designer mirrors for five years.
In 1998 I moved to Toronto and studied other mediums.
My years in Asia and Canada gave me an opportunity to work with all kinds of paper for my mixed media creations.
In 2002 I moved to New England and started oil painting. My work is an expression of my love for mixed media and painting.

So I bet you all long to see my picks now...I won't let you wait any longer-here are my favorite prints from Karen Harvey Cox's etsy shoppie

Vintage Inspiration

Lovely works Karen!

If you'd like to see more,check Karen's blog or her new vintage shop


Monday, August 23, 2010

Fall Fashion

I guess fall is truely around the corner! Clearly Robynesque's beautiful treasury is showing that

Her great finds are showing some of the latest trends for this upcoming fall season -
Nutrual base colors with pop up accessories would be the perfect color combination

Now lets see what Robynesque has to offer us fashionistas
Here are some of my FAV picks-

LOVE the fresh color of this set
Pink Glass and Copper Necklace and Earring Set

Glass Bracelet

So what Robyn has to tell us about herself-

"I am a stay at home mom, with an eye for fashion, a knack for design, and some extra time on my hands. I have always enjoyed crafting and creating wearable art, and I am now taking my hobby and turning it into a money making endeavor.

Robynesque (adjective.) ~ In the style or fashion of Robyn.

"The name Robynesque is a nick name I acquired from a one and only friend Kate. I used it for my jewelry name because it describes it well".

"Not all of my things are of a certain type or style but they are all Robynesque."

For more behind the scene of Robynesque, sign up for her email newsletter



My Emerald Allure Statement Bib necklace is featured in this seductive etsy treasury by SacredUrban, who picked some nice selections I may say!

One of my favorites is Autumn leaves -a Sterling silver with 14K Gold Coating set with 8 ruby stones by nuritdesign
Emerald Green Glass and Silver Earrings by kathcojewellery are quite lovely as well don't you think?
What you can't see in this cluster is the lovely works by the curator herself SacredUrban !!!

My favorite would be the
Feminine Passion Pendant Artifact Collection

But this one is a no doubt cutie too
Purple Butterfly Charm Necklace

Now this piece has it statement
Braided Tri-Color 14k Gold Necklace

and the wonderful Vintage Southwest Turquoise Flower Bracelet made me gasp-
I have something very similar to it left to me from my grandma...I think she brought it from France right after the war world 2 was over and she could come back to Ukraine from the labor camps

Both pieces can be found at Bliss Street Jewelry the mother base of the Sacred Urban collection

How about a quick bio-
As a child, Carolena collected Jewelry in a suitcase, gathered from her Great Uncle's recycling business. "It wasn’t so much a business as a need to save, collect and reuse". "He survived the depression and was the first environmental conservative I knew".

Carolena picked up all the jewelry she could lay her hands on as she shifted through the things he “rescued”, even stones and scraps didn't escape her eyes.

"I never understood why people would throw out these miniature works of art".

Later she worked selling vintage and sterling jewelry on the streets of NY.
Some of her customers included Actors, Actress and Costume designers from soap operas, NBC, CBS and Broadway Productions

"I've owned an antique and jewelry shop in Forest Hills. Lovely renamed “the magic shop” by customers who found treasures to take home".

The jewelry you see here are sculpted, wax carved or hand forged in any process that creates into reality the pieces Carolena envision daily.
In the vintage sections you will see a collection gathered from all over the world.

"When I’m not creating jewelry I’m a Life Coach, helping other artist Live out their dreams"

Carolena, that is so great! Keep up the good work you do

Friday, August 20, 2010

You Hold the Key to my Heart

My 5th wedding anniversary is fast approaching and I cooked something really special for my beloved husband...
He wanted this VERY much and I presented the little present to him slightly earlier then our actual wedding date (I just couldn't wait )

I thought of a pretty cool way to give the surprise to him- my idea was based on a tutorial I saw ones on the web, and thanks to the help of a dear friend I could create this awesome fabric envelope for him

You won't be needing much to create one like this for yourself-I made mine from two old T-shirts -one was my hubbies and the other one mine (so Eco-friendly and romantic )

Other then that,you'll need the link to the tutorial and that's it-go create :)

I will share the present I put inside when the time will come...
But way before that, I want to thank Minasmoke again for letting me use one of her lovely paper cut artworks, to create my surprise envelope
Merci Beacoup mon amie!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's a sneak peek post

So you may ask what am I being up to in these HOT days...Well,crafting as usual would be the simple answer,but if I want to be more particular,three projects were on my mind- custom Twisted Knotted Bow dress is done and already on it's way to the Russian fashion capital-Moscow

2.making a pocahontas headband

This is a very time consuming project!!! It took me two whole days to complete.
All the flowers were hand crafted in a very special ancient technique -(Mommy,thanks for keeping this book for me for 30 years) these are not the regular candle burned poppies (though one like this was added too :)
I decorated all the fringes with natural feathers, metal beads and genuine turquoise and coral gems. And the metal base headband was covered with a 5 braid weaved leather string

3. Third project is actually a new fall collection I've been working on for a while now...I feel very pressured to finish it on time for the real fall to come.
Though I don't see it happen on time :( ,as I see etsy is all about fall already... I really need to get myself together and work harder on it!!!
So stay tuned for the new collection and meanwhile

Saturday, August 14, 2010

White Garden

OMG!!! PetekDesign, you are literally blowing my mind with your AMAZING treasuries!

White Garden is one of the most beautiful and romantic clusters I've seen for a while.
I really proud to be featured in this gorgeous ALL ISRAELI treasury with my Pure white Roses statement bib necklace

I wish I could feature all these talented artist at ones (and I hope I will with time), but today I'll start with the lovely creations by LittleWhiteDresser

This is so Carry from Sex & the City ...LOVE it

Rose bloom - hair pins

Spring garden bloom - hair comb

Spring time floral hair comb

and now for some interesting facts about the little dresser-

The lady behind the dresser is Avishag Kopelman.A 26 years old full time textile design student.
Recently got engaged!
So while studding, crafting and creating she also planning a wedding...( Mazal Tov, dear!)
which will take place on August 25th (wow that is close :)

Like many of us, she likes mostly create during the late hours of the night.
"I love to create in my spare time. I still don't know what I will be specializing in so for the time being, I give myself full freedom to do anything - sew, knit, crochet, paint, print, paper art and many other things..."

Avishag loves to travel!
For her 22nd birthday she bought herself a flight ticket to New-Zealand.
"I spent there 3 month and enjoyed each day.I also had a quick visit to Australia while being in that part of the globe :)"

She traveled for 6 month in India - Loved the people, the colors, the culture, the food-everything about it!
Also been to Thailand a few times, and even made it to Laos (wow,I'm so jealous..Though, I had been in Thailand too,all the other destinations are so appealing to me :-p )

After this big journey which took a full year she returned back to Israel and 6 months later found herself on a plain to New York!
"I lived in NY (Williamsburg,Brooklyn) for 6 months and loved it!!! NY is so special, I got to meet people from all over the world in this magnificent city, however I have to admit the weather gave me some hard times" (that's what all my friends that live in NY keep telling me lol-it's a good thing I traveled there in early spring-it was a perfect weather there at that time of the year)

Now she's dreaming about her next destination ."I'm having hard time deciding between Iceland, Nepal, Brazil, Tibet... and some more lovely places I can only dream on, at this time of my life...(yey, I know what you mean :)

Avishag, let me wish you all the best in your new life journey of married life and hope we will meet some time in some exotic part of the world and dream together about our next adventure

To see more of the White Little Dresser, become her Fan on FaceBook


Water and Earth Colors

Wow, that is one gorgeous etsy treasury by PetekDesign
So peaceful and calm with it's soft color combinations- a true candy for the eyes
I may say my turquoise beau rosette statement bib necklace looks pretty cool among all this beauty

I liked quite a few of PetekDesign's finds but found myself attracted the most to my right side neighbor SchickiMickis.
I can't put a finger on what exactly made me want to click on her thumbnail ,but I glad I did! I found a beautiful talent and many gorgeous finds to tickle your fancy

A little about SchickiMickis: Jewelry and accessories designer,
Born and raised in Israel, studied jewelry and accessories design in Milan, nowadays living and working in Berlin.

SchickiMickis designs refer to that elusive tension between binary duo’s/oppositions as: warm and cold materials, geometric sharp and curvy soft shapes, the whole and its parts, the notion of cheap and luxurious, elegant and funky… all as a reflection of the opposing and crossing identities we are all composed of

From the amazing accessories in SchickiMickis's shop I can DEF say that opposites do attract
-see it in your own eyes

Your Dream Fascinator, romantic vintage flair fascinator designed for you

FLORAL HAIR COMB - champagne gold, creme and ivory color flowers made of leather, satin and ivory pearl beads

Twig fascinator, unique leather twig with leaves headband in shiny champagne gold color leather

Vintage flair flower Fascinator/ headband, in shiny silver leather with lilac sheen and grey satin

Want to know a little bit more about SchickiMickis, and the design process
follow her on Twitter
Like her on FaceBook
or check this other great features that were written about Anat


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Art of Joyful Living -JOIE

I'm very proud and excited to take part of a new lifestyle magazine - Joie
The debut issue just launched today

Joie is a lifestyle mag all about the art of living joyfully.
In its pages you will find articles on art, craft, living, design, style, diy + more

PettiBear 's share would be the awesome DIY feature of the mag. -How cool is that!

Check it up,I sure you'll LOVE it as much as I do
Happy joyful living to all, and enjoy your reading!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Uniform Project Picture Book

FABULOUS project...GREAT cause....JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Uniform Project Picture Book from The Uniform Project on Vimeo.

Remember May 1st 2009? And the days since? Sheena's yearlong journey is now coming to a close. Through the high times and low, holidays, birthdays, and trips abroad, there's been one constant… or actually two. This is the story of a girl and her little black dress.

A movie by Monihan and Matheiken.
Music by The The. Coda by J,P,G&R
Sound FX by Phofo.

Just Lovely...

Baby to GO created yet another beautiful etsy treasury and gave me the pleasure to be featured in it with my sailor knot headband
The title says it all-just lovely

I especially adore YooLa 's Cleopatra necklace ,it's very chic and totally made me wonder about her other creations.
Thus I thought, I shall explore her shop and bring you some treasures from her kingdom

Handmade artistic jewelry in silver and gold & DIY

Here are some of my favorite finds-

BIO (according to Yael's etsy profile)

Yael is a professional industrial designer and a partner in a design firm called
Her work demands a lot of creativity, but since all the work is done on the computer, it leaves her hands "starving".
For many years Yael was looking for an era in which she could create her final designs in her own hands. Naturally, she never really had the time to look for it. But then, (
lucky for us), life summoned Yael with a relocation period to Switzerland. Not designing for a while, left her with a growing hunger which led into taking a jewelry course.
The course was a big success she states, "I went back home by the end of the first day in ecstasy, with a feeling I haven’t felt for a long time... I started carrying my sketch book with me everywhere- designing new pieces.
The reactions of my friends at the international school my kids went to, were very encouraging, the mom's just loved my designs, first orders came in and I was so happy. I established a little atelier at home, and started exploring new techniques and fine tuning my skills".

Meantime, that great pause has ended and Yael got back home and back in her design firm- meaning again she didn’t have much time for her jewelry work.

Life has mysterious ways to put us on the right direction-course of life summoned Yeal with a jeweler that saw her work, loved it and asked to put it on display at his shop which was strong reminder yet again, to the fact of how much Yael loves creating jewelry and neglecting it is non an option anymore.

I find Yael's work very interesting and inspiring and thank life and Baby to GO for making me stumble upon her shop to find her beautiful artistic jewelry.

Yael,NEVER stop creating! You do a really wonderful work !!!

(*Check my feature about Baby to GO to see the amazing work she does)

Friday, August 6, 2010


Such an innovative idea-full of inspiration ,style and taste and I sooooo want to be there and see it in my own two eyes...The SWEAT SHOP CAFE in Paris
From the pictures I've seen,I immediately see that I love every centimeter of this vintage socked place!
With it's gorgeous little corners clearly, this fabulous cafe is the place for crafty people to be

Photos by Laurence Thomas von

Sweat Shop's concept -

What is SWEAT SHOP? (as described on sweat shop's blog)
Less buying - Trying more!
Sweat Shop Is a "cafe couture" situated "a new creative concept hotspot near Canal St. Martin in Paris. Imagine Equipped with 10 work stations 10 and one SINGER sewing machine central communal table. Join one of the 5 races That are Being Offered "Every weekend and perfect your knitting and sewing skills Gold Meet one of Our guest designers in town for athlétisme year.

Not Unlike a cyber cafe, you come Whenever you please, rent a state of the art sewing machine by the hour and start sewing.

Welcome to a world of creativity, a place of discovery, of DIY ethics, a piping hot cup of tea and funky furniture. Enjoy Delicacies Organic courtesy of Our Neighbors New York at Bob's Juice Bar.
Enter Into a serene atmosphere and relaxing WHERE work go hand in hand.

Bored of buying, wearing, Throwing Away?
Fix That seam, make a dress out of gold trousers giving further design event and create a brand new silhouette.

Sweat Shop Is The site WHERE your dreams and projects come alive. And it's here for Those Wanting to learn, create, transform, practice or recycled in a stress free environment and well Equipped.

Well,and now for a personal note...
Dear hubby,
If you'd ever read my blog,please take a huge hint -This is the place I want to visit next for our weekend abroad vacation... Yes baby, Paris!
And lets stop by the Sweat Shop cafe...o.k?!
And if you'll make my wish come true,I promise you a ... well you know what I mean ... LOVE U