Friday, August 20, 2010

You Hold the Key to my Heart

My 5th wedding anniversary is fast approaching and I cooked something really special for my beloved husband...
He wanted this VERY much and I presented the little present to him slightly earlier then our actual wedding date (I just couldn't wait )

I thought of a pretty cool way to give the surprise to him- my idea was based on a tutorial I saw ones on the web, and thanks to the help of a dear friend I could create this awesome fabric envelope for him

You won't be needing much to create one like this for yourself-I made mine from two old T-shirts -one was my hubbies and the other one mine (so Eco-friendly and romantic )

Other then that,you'll need the link to the tutorial and that's it-go create :)

I will share the present I put inside when the time will come...
But way before that, I want to thank Minasmoke again for letting me use one of her lovely paper cut artworks, to create my surprise envelope
Merci Beacoup mon amie!!!!!!

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  1. I am always glad to help you, dear friend! This envelope is beautiful, I will definetly try to make it one myself :)