Monday, August 23, 2010

Fall Fashion

I guess fall is truely around the corner! Clearly Robynesque's beautiful treasury is showing that

Her great finds are showing some of the latest trends for this upcoming fall season -
Nutrual base colors with pop up accessories would be the perfect color combination

Now lets see what Robynesque has to offer us fashionistas
Here are some of my FAV picks-

LOVE the fresh color of this set
Pink Glass and Copper Necklace and Earring Set

Glass Bracelet

So what Robyn has to tell us about herself-

"I am a stay at home mom, with an eye for fashion, a knack for design, and some extra time on my hands. I have always enjoyed crafting and creating wearable art, and I am now taking my hobby and turning it into a money making endeavor.

Robynesque (adjective.) ~ In the style or fashion of Robyn.

"The name Robynesque is a nick name I acquired from a one and only friend Kate. I used it for my jewelry name because it describes it well".

"Not all of my things are of a certain type or style but they are all Robynesque."

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