Monday, August 2, 2010

Sailor Knot Maternity tunic

For quite some time now I want to make a new top or dress design inspired by the sailor knot.
On Saturday, I finally got to sit and design a ooak tunic featuring with this beautiful tie...
I made a prototype and as I creating it ,it stroke me...That would be one perfect maternity tunic!

Very fashionable cowl at the bodice will let ones belly grow throughout the whole pregnancy along with the sailor knot decorated bust line which adds the chic to the slick !
Overall, I love the look and can totally imagine myself wearing it through and after the birth
What do you say?

Since,I'm not pregnant yet, I decided to give the tunic to my special friend
This is a surprise ...So don't tell her :-D I mailed the tunic her way and can't wait to get her response (I'll update you as it comes )

Uh,and a huge thanks to my belly cast for helping me again

The tunic will be available to purchase in my etsy shop very soon!

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