Saturday, August 14, 2010

White Garden

OMG!!! PetekDesign, you are literally blowing my mind with your AMAZING treasuries!

White Garden is one of the most beautiful and romantic clusters I've seen for a while.
I really proud to be featured in this gorgeous ALL ISRAELI treasury with my Pure white Roses statement bib necklace

I wish I could feature all these talented artist at ones (and I hope I will with time), but today I'll start with the lovely creations by LittleWhiteDresser

This is so Carry from Sex & the City ...LOVE it

Rose bloom - hair pins

Spring garden bloom - hair comb

Spring time floral hair comb

and now for some interesting facts about the little dresser-

The lady behind the dresser is Avishag Kopelman.A 26 years old full time textile design student.
Recently got engaged!
So while studding, crafting and creating she also planning a wedding...( Mazal Tov, dear!)
which will take place on August 25th (wow that is close :)

Like many of us, she likes mostly create during the late hours of the night.
"I love to create in my spare time. I still don't know what I will be specializing in so for the time being, I give myself full freedom to do anything - sew, knit, crochet, paint, print, paper art and many other things..."

Avishag loves to travel!
For her 22nd birthday she bought herself a flight ticket to New-Zealand.
"I spent there 3 month and enjoyed each day.I also had a quick visit to Australia while being in that part of the globe :)"

She traveled for 6 month in India - Loved the people, the colors, the culture, the food-everything about it!
Also been to Thailand a few times, and even made it to Laos (wow,I'm so jealous..Though, I had been in Thailand too,all the other destinations are so appealing to me :-p )

After this big journey which took a full year she returned back to Israel and 6 months later found herself on a plain to New York!
"I lived in NY (Williamsburg,Brooklyn) for 6 months and loved it!!! NY is so special, I got to meet people from all over the world in this magnificent city, however I have to admit the weather gave me some hard times" (that's what all my friends that live in NY keep telling me lol-it's a good thing I traveled there in early spring-it was a perfect weather there at that time of the year)

Now she's dreaming about her next destination ."I'm having hard time deciding between Iceland, Nepal, Brazil, Tibet... and some more lovely places I can only dream on, at this time of my life...(yey, I know what you mean :)

Avishag, let me wish you all the best in your new life journey of married life and hope we will meet some time in some exotic part of the world and dream together about our next adventure

To see more of the White Little Dresser, become her Fan on FaceBook


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