Saturday, August 14, 2010

Water and Earth Colors

Wow, that is one gorgeous etsy treasury by PetekDesign
So peaceful and calm with it's soft color combinations- a true candy for the eyes
I may say my turquoise beau rosette statement bib necklace looks pretty cool among all this beauty

I liked quite a few of PetekDesign's finds but found myself attracted the most to my right side neighbor SchickiMickis.
I can't put a finger on what exactly made me want to click on her thumbnail ,but I glad I did! I found a beautiful talent and many gorgeous finds to tickle your fancy

A little about SchickiMickis: Jewelry and accessories designer,
Born and raised in Israel, studied jewelry and accessories design in Milan, nowadays living and working in Berlin.

SchickiMickis designs refer to that elusive tension between binary duo’s/oppositions as: warm and cold materials, geometric sharp and curvy soft shapes, the whole and its parts, the notion of cheap and luxurious, elegant and funky… all as a reflection of the opposing and crossing identities we are all composed of

From the amazing accessories in SchickiMickis's shop I can DEF say that opposites do attract
-see it in your own eyes

Your Dream Fascinator, romantic vintage flair fascinator designed for you

FLORAL HAIR COMB - champagne gold, creme and ivory color flowers made of leather, satin and ivory pearl beads

Twig fascinator, unique leather twig with leaves headband in shiny champagne gold color leather

Vintage flair flower Fascinator/ headband, in shiny silver leather with lilac sheen and grey satin

Want to know a little bit more about SchickiMickis, and the design process
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or check this other great features that were written about Anat



  1. Thank you so much for the feature in this beautiful blog :)
    I am happy to hear you liked my designs.
    always nice to find new fellow artist and designers on Etsy.

  2. I am also like your designs, and love you as a person.
    Wish you all the best and a lot of success:)

  3. Beautiful designs, everything looks wonderful!!!
    Best of luck to you

  4. schickimickis has such beautiful work!
    Everything is so Feminine and Chic!