Friday, August 6, 2010


Such an innovative idea-full of inspiration ,style and taste and I sooooo want to be there and see it in my own two eyes...The SWEAT SHOP CAFE in Paris
From the pictures I've seen,I immediately see that I love every centimeter of this vintage socked place!
With it's gorgeous little corners clearly, this fabulous cafe is the place for crafty people to be

Photos by Laurence Thomas von

Sweat Shop's concept -

What is SWEAT SHOP? (as described on sweat shop's blog)
Less buying - Trying more!
Sweat Shop Is a "cafe couture" situated "a new creative concept hotspot near Canal St. Martin in Paris. Imagine Equipped with 10 work stations 10 and one SINGER sewing machine central communal table. Join one of the 5 races That are Being Offered "Every weekend and perfect your knitting and sewing skills Gold Meet one of Our guest designers in town for athlétisme year.

Not Unlike a cyber cafe, you come Whenever you please, rent a state of the art sewing machine by the hour and start sewing.

Welcome to a world of creativity, a place of discovery, of DIY ethics, a piping hot cup of tea and funky furniture. Enjoy Delicacies Organic courtesy of Our Neighbors New York at Bob's Juice Bar.
Enter Into a serene atmosphere and relaxing WHERE work go hand in hand.

Bored of buying, wearing, Throwing Away?
Fix That seam, make a dress out of gold trousers giving further design event and create a brand new silhouette.

Sweat Shop Is The site WHERE your dreams and projects come alive. And it's here for Those Wanting to learn, create, transform, practice or recycled in a stress free environment and well Equipped.

Well,and now for a personal note...
Dear hubby,
If you'd ever read my blog,please take a huge hint -This is the place I want to visit next for our weekend abroad vacation... Yes baby, Paris!
And lets stop by the Sweat Shop cafe...o.k?!
And if you'll make my wish come true,I promise you a ... well you know what I mean ... LOVE U

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