Monday, August 23, 2010


My Emerald Allure Statement Bib necklace is featured in this seductive etsy treasury by SacredUrban, who picked some nice selections I may say!

One of my favorites is Autumn leaves -a Sterling silver with 14K Gold Coating set with 8 ruby stones by nuritdesign
Emerald Green Glass and Silver Earrings by kathcojewellery are quite lovely as well don't you think?
What you can't see in this cluster is the lovely works by the curator herself SacredUrban !!!

My favorite would be the
Feminine Passion Pendant Artifact Collection

But this one is a no doubt cutie too
Purple Butterfly Charm Necklace

Now this piece has it statement
Braided Tri-Color 14k Gold Necklace

and the wonderful Vintage Southwest Turquoise Flower Bracelet made me gasp-
I have something very similar to it left to me from my grandma...I think she brought it from France right after the war world 2 was over and she could come back to Ukraine from the labor camps

Both pieces can be found at Bliss Street Jewelry the mother base of the Sacred Urban collection

How about a quick bio-
As a child, Carolena collected Jewelry in a suitcase, gathered from her Great Uncle's recycling business. "It wasn’t so much a business as a need to save, collect and reuse". "He survived the depression and was the first environmental conservative I knew".

Carolena picked up all the jewelry she could lay her hands on as she shifted through the things he “rescued”, even stones and scraps didn't escape her eyes.

"I never understood why people would throw out these miniature works of art".

Later she worked selling vintage and sterling jewelry on the streets of NY.
Some of her customers included Actors, Actress and Costume designers from soap operas, NBC, CBS and Broadway Productions

"I've owned an antique and jewelry shop in Forest Hills. Lovely renamed “the magic shop” by customers who found treasures to take home".

The jewelry you see here are sculpted, wax carved or hand forged in any process that creates into reality the pieces Carolena envision daily.
In the vintage sections you will see a collection gathered from all over the world.

"When I’m not creating jewelry I’m a Life Coach, helping other artist Live out their dreams"

Carolena, that is so great! Keep up the good work you do

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