Friday, September 20, 2013

Graphic 45 / Petaloo Blog Hop 3!!! Recycled Metal Tin

O.K...Graphic 45 and Petaloo have such a great and diverse products ,that I decided to show you one more quick project you can whip up  in a matter of 10 minutes.

We all love recycling ,right?! If you just screamed "YES I AM ", then this project is just at your alley !
It's nothing new,we all have seen tins been recycled to store new products inside...I ain't going to invent the wheel for sure,just want to show you how I do it...and how easily you can do it with just a few simple handy tools
So, this is what  we are going to do today- an Upcycled Altered Coffee Tin
 photo recycled_coffee_tin_zpse3c66fc6.gif

This is how I did it-
You'll gonna need:
Metal Tin of some sort if you can't find the one I used
Graphic 45 "Place in Time" cardstock- September Cut-Aparts 4500608
Ricrac Ribbon
Petaloo Floral Embellishments -Darjeeling Mini Mix x 8Autumn ITEM: 1462-100
XYRON high tack 3/8"  Glue Dots
Petaloo Seaside Crochet Lace Fancy Trims-2.25 yds Aqua ITEM: 1482-129
Teresa Collins Thick Foam Squares (From her new Adhesive Kit )

So this is my  metal tin-it's an 'Elite' brand Turkish roasted coffee (I think it been sold in the US as well ;)
 First of, take your cardstock wrap it around the tin and mark the place where it overlaps
 Cut it to size.
My tin was 10.5" wide X 4.5" tall
 Run the cut cardstock through your 5" Creative Station loaded with Permanent adhesive cartridge
Wrap the cardstock around the perimeter of the tin

 Look at this cute kid concentrating ...thinking what we will do to him next :D
 Now what I like to do is, to overlap the "seam" with another piece of cardstock to secure the joints farther .
I cut another piece of cardstock,run it through my XYRON Sticker Maker

 And then figured out, that I just applied glue on the wrong side of my strip -shoot ;P
Thank God ,I have my XYRON Adhesive Eraser ,to fix my mistake-I rub it on the glue and the magical little thing have removed all traces of glue from my now clean and ready for a second chance decoration
 Second time is a charm
 See how I glued my cardstock strip right over the seam-now it will never open up.
 I continue the decoration process by applying glue to my ricrac ribbon,using my XYRON Tape Runner
And here is a TIP- use the leftover paper remaining from your Sticker Maker  underneath the ribbon to keep your workspace clear of glue residue while applying adhesive with your runners
 Adhering the ricrac ribbon in place
 Add more decorations....
Now if you're interested to know,how I decide where to put what, my rule is simple-
I look for 3D decorations similar in shapes and colours  to my printed cardstock elements and apply the 3D shapes on top.
  For example, here you see the ecru dot printed  on the cardstock...I looked for a similar 3D shape from the same color family and applied it on top

Same goes for other decorations- see how the graphic above has these orange and yellow apples and green leaves...I will find some 3D shapes in the same color scheme to decorate and blend with the background underneath .

Here,I'm adding some graphic 45 banners 

Time for some flowers :)
To connect my Petaloo blooms to the tin,I'm using XYRON 3/8" high tack glue dots

Gluing my flowers directly on top of  banners in place where the yellow/orange apples used to be
Using the same color palette to the printed graphic
 Now adding some  Steampunk gear die cuts by Piccoloto to my design
I decided to add it because of two reasons-first,I find it funny to add watch's gear to a graphic that has calculations printed's like brain slowly turning it's gear to solve  a math problem :D
But more importantly, the 'Steampunk Spells' banner I used has the same gears printed design (remember, keep connecting your 3D shapes to your printed matter )

Use your 1.5" XYRON Sticker Maker to apply an even coat of adhesive to the die cuts
and glue them in place

Add some more gear decorations.
Graphic45 has gear die cuts   in the 'Steampunk Spells' banner collection,same collection I took the above ^^ banners from.
To make the die pop,I used Teresa Collins Adhesive Foam Squares

 Thinking some fancy lace ribbons by Petallo are in place  :)
Glue them in with the XYRON glue dots

 And my tin is ready for use!
Since it's a metal tin,you can   hang it on magnetic trails-how cool is that haa 

I added some labels to mine and store  dye chemicals inside .

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Graphic45 /Petallo Blog Hop follow up-16" Paper Star Lantern DIY

OMGosh!!! Graphic45 has this AMAZING Steampunk  Spells collection that will make you drool :p The cardstock is so beautiful ,that after having a thought to make a 3D star out of it, I actually had a hard time to make the first cut  :D

In any way,after admiring the design just enough and  overcoming the shaky hands ,I created the template  for the star and made this DIY tutorial for you :)

And so,to make yourself a star like this
You'll need -

First of,I created a template for my 16" Paper Star in Photoshop 
(you can grab it from my graphic design shop)

I transferred the design to my Silhouette cutter and cut a total of 5 shapes.
See how I cheated my old A4 cutter to cut a 12" design I planned-I folded the sheet underneath the cutting matt and after cutting the first piece I unfolded the cardstock and cut the second shape on the remaining part of the sheet. :D 
Of course if you have the Cameo which is a A3 plotter ,you won't need to manipulate your machine and will save some valuable time as well lol 
OR, you can just cut the template off by hand-that will work too :D but I'm lazy like that^^
 So here is my cut shape-you need to cut exactly 4 more like this
 Make the creases
 Apply the double sided tape- I used my 6mm XYRON double sided tape
 Tape here...
The long fold is glued  to create the 3D shape
 The short folds are connecting the shapes together
 Glue one side together ,turn the shapes over and glue the other side
 Keep doing so with all 5 cones

 Ta Da-finished :)

 Now,if you want to make this Paper Star into a light fixture, don't connect  the 4th and 5th cones to each other  so you can insert a light bulb in the gap

 To see how I made a Blossoming Headband from Petaloo flowers and trims hop on here


Petaloo and Graphic 45 Blog Hop

Today I have a special treat for you-we are at XYRON teamed up with Petallo and Graphic45 for an AWESOME blog hop.

Petaloo has these GORGEOUS  paper blooms that immediately gave me an idea of what I want to do for this hop...
For Petaloo,I'm gonna show you how you can easily make a stunning   Blossoming Headband with very little ingredients but one that will upgrade your outfit and take it to another level

 Seaside Blossom Headband
 photo seaside_headband_zps4d574282.gif

With Graphic45 ,I decided to go for Pinspired  home decor and show you how to make this cool 3D Paper Star that can also serve as a light fixture 

BUT ,lets begin with the Blossoming Headband :)
To make one you'll need -

  • a Headband base (I had a skinny doubled metal headband )
  • Petaloo Darjeeling - Dahlias x 10 Sm. - Seaside (SKU: 1467-405UPC Code: UPC: 751036475721) /Darjeeling Daisies x 4 Lg. Seaside (ITEM: 1469-405 UPC Code: UPC: 751036475899)
  • Crochet Lace Fancy Trim 2.25 yds Blues ( ITEM: 1482-103)
  • XYRON 1.5" create-a-sticker
  • XYRON 3/16" High Take glue dots
  • A small piece of felt in coordinating colour 
  • Thread and needle

 Begin by measuring the crochet lace trim-it should be slightly larger than your headband so the edges can overlap a little bit
 Stick your trim/s to your 1.5" XYRON sticker maker to apply a back to back adhesive on them

 Adhere the trim to your headband
 Overlap trim edges to make a nice all around crochet headband
 Nice already isn't it :)
 Now cut your piece of felt to an egg-like shape-this will be the base to your corsage
 Apply XYRON high tack glue dots to the back of each bloom

 Voila -you already have a stunning cluster 
 Now sew the  corsage base to the headband  with a quick stitch and your done


For the Graphic45 Paper Star Lantern ,please hop on to the next post :)