Sunday, August 5, 2012

Birthday Photo-shot

Photo Booths and unique Backdrops are a MUST in any up to date birthday parties these days,so Sierra's party had to have one too :)
I went with a hybrid between a photo-booth and a cool backdrop (in my previous post I showed a quick process of making my backdrop /photo booth) and now the results are in-
Here's  how FUN it was---->


Sierra with Ariel  near the GIANT paper roses (not that you can see'em much at the photo..but they were there :D )

Sierra,Zivi and Tohar

Sierra,Zivi,Tohar and Shemesh 

Sierra with Roni 

Sierra,Shemesh and Roni

Sierra,Ariel and Shemesh 

 Sierra with Ofri

Sheluvi is having a drink after getting a mani (padi was not included at the party lol )

Sierra with Hadar and Libi

AND here is Me peaking out in the background doing hairdo for one of Sierra's little friends :)

YEP...It was a BLAST !!!
I wonder what theme my next party will  have-I LOVED planing and building the set for this one so much I can't wait to have the chance to throw another birthday bash  (Shelvi is next!!! Stay tuned :) )