Monday, February 2, 2015

You Light Up my Life- Valentines Card DIY

By Viki Tiamat

The awesome crew from -Canvas Crop Brands had challenge us their Design Team, to craft a V-Day card ...

The official name of the challenge is:Surprise Valentine Card

Description:we challenge you to create a “Valentine” card,photograph it,share it with us and then send it off to someone who is not expecting a card from you—an old friend, the clerk at the grocery store, your favorite barista, etc.
We realize that Valentine’s Day may not be celebrated the same way across the world, but what  better excuse to send well wishes to someone who is not expecting it and make their  day
Our team at the offices will all be doing this as well.
We would love to hear your story when you send in your project photo and we will be featuring a few of the  stories in an upcoming February Post

Welllll.....My card and Envelope both go to my handsome hubby :)
And trust me, this set most DEF will take him by surprise as we don't celebrate an actual V-Day here in Israel.
My design is based on my husband's occupation - he is a practical electrical engineer, hence the light bulb and he just has launched his own recycled pipe light fixture collection,so it all got connected pretty well for me

The envelope has a nerdy /whimsy design of hand screen printed (fake) equation that reveals a hidden " i Love You" message when you open the flap of the envelope  ,which to my opinion is quite rad

closed envelope with the equation printed on the flap
opening the flap reveals the hidden

Here is how the magic happens -

You'll need a kraft greeting card/envelope set by CCB Canvas Home Basics
Acrylic paint
Stencil/ Silkscreen with your design on
Gelli Plate
Tattered Angels "Wheat Beer" Glimmer Mist
Printout of a light bulb-I designed one myself, but you can find many free light bulb vectors online 

To start with, you'll need to tape your envy in place to prevent it from moving 

Lay your stencil/ screen on top carefully choosing the right position 

Put a line of acrylic paint on top

And squeegee the paint over the design


Proceed to decorate as you desire using your Gelli plate

Now for the card-
Cut the shape of your light bulb out of the paper and glue it on top of the card

Generously spray it with Glimmer Mist

Let dry and then sand your card a bit to give the misted area a desired roundish shape- I wanted the sparkles to look like the shine/radiation of a real light bulb

Glue some sentiments on and you are set to go

Happy Valentines Day my Darlings
See'ya soon