Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Through the Mist

Through the Mist treasury created by Natalya's Studio is yet again a wonderful example of the natural/nude and grey color trend for this season and I have the honor to be featured in this beautiful cluster with my Knotted Bow dress

As a direct continue to my last post where I talked about the color trends for 2010/2011 fall/winter seasons , here are some fabulous examples I found at Natalya's Studio for fashion and home-styling accessories in those color palettes

Laced Up Leg Warmers, Grey Knee Socks, Fishnet Leggings, Eco-Friendly Mesh Knit, Back To School, Fall Fashion

Honey Yellow Cup Cozy, Mug Sleeve, Knitted Cabled, Tea Coffee, Spice Cinnamon Golden Mustard Saffron Banana Egg Yolk Sun
Natalya is a perfectionist and takes pride in her work.
As a perfectionist she tells (and is probably right) that since it's impossible to guarantee a perfect fit of clothes with an Internet shop, she prefers to offer mostly accessories- hats, scarves, moccasin slippers, arm and leg warmers, yoga socks, cup cozies, etc.
"All my creations are my own designs, and I truly enjoy thinking of something new every time".

Natalya has been knitting for as long as she can remember.
" When I was four or five, our adorable kindergarten teacher asked all the girls to bring knitting needles and some yarn to knit with. I still remember those hysterically yellow plastic needles and unbearably green acrylic yarn. Of course, we started with a scarf. Hats, gloves, sweaters and everything else followed".

"My knitter's dream is to have a roomy attic as my studio - full of gorgeous handmade and vintage items from my fellow Etsians, with a coffee table and cozy armchairs for our meetings, all white and facing the ocean shore"

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SEPTEMBER BLUS and PURPLE AURA are both gorgeous etsy treasuries curated by a very talented jewelry designer gazellejewelry obviously with a great eye for style
Both showing great finds in a very fashionable basic colors we all should have in our wardrobe this upcoming winter season-reach jewel tones and foundation colors- traditional navy, bottle green, pillar box red, ecru ,sable and mid grey
PANTONE describes these tones as the vivid mosaic of the heavens and the great cycles that represent a continuity of genesis make up Universe. Visions of dynamic waves and veils of saturated, layered colours are studded with starry accents, all set against the beauty of black – a versatile and unusually rich palette that delivers real design gymnastics.

Needless to say,that after having the awesome pleasure to be featured in both these beauties,I had to check the surely gorgeous gazellejewelry shop ,and I DEF was right-Zvia has a great aesthetics which clearly can be seen by looking at her gorgeous jewelry

Zvia is a goldsmith and a jewelry designer living and working in a kibbutz in the heart of Israel.She designs unique fashionable jewelry that combines classic and contemporary style, shapes and materials.
"My inspiration comes from the beauty of nature"...

Here are my absolutely favorite pieces-
Gold Hoops Bracelet with grey and pink pearls

Plain BEAUTY!!!!!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


BLUE AND CREAM is a very well selected ,beautiful treasury by a very talented etsy seller and ISART fellow team member Alona Freeman
My sailor knot headband and I have the pleasure to be featured in it

Of course,as always, I'm checking the great finds the curator herself has to offer us by checking up her shop too (she gave me the honor of visiting my shop,I surely have to do the same ) and first of all, let me tell you OMG!!!!
If I have made these gorgeous statement pieces Alona does, I would have had a REALLY hard time giving them away ...even to my lovely customers

Each piece Alona makes is OOAK and made of real vintage jewelry, vintage finds
and some vintage inspired pieces-how wonderful is that?!

When I saw Alona's shop I gasped- it was like entering into a jewelry heavens!

Alona's short Bio-
Alona is a proud mother to 3 lovely kids and married to her wonderful best friend.
She is an interior designer.
Makes jewelry in her beautiful and inspiring studio where she also creates collages and alboms.
She is a member of the great ISRAEL ARTIST TEAM-ISART. (me too :)

Keep up the FANTASTIC work you do!!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010