Monday, January 31, 2011

Custom Designed and HAND Screen-Printed Duvet Cover

At the beginning of the month I bid on a really cool alchemy request on etsy -the request was to recreate a sunflower pattern seen in a certain photo and print it on a duvet cover.
The customer has asked me if I can make a print test so she can see if I'm at all able to produce something similar to the original print for her,and since I love a good challenge,and can understand her concern, I decided to do it.

Making a hand screen-printed fabric is a VERY time consuming and labor demanding job,and during the process you really learn to appreciate all those etsy sellers who sell their hand screen-printed goodies!!!
And even though ,it wasn't an easy job for a 7 month pregnant lady (me),I enjoyed creating this piece of art from scratch-start with the design process of the sunflower pattern on Photoshop and continuing by hand imprinting each block of sunflower design on the fabric (in this case,a duvet cover)

Shane (the customer), was very intrigued by the creating process and had ask me if I can capture the making of steps for her...Of course,I gladly accepted and here they are, for you to see these as well

The real work begins now-
First step is the graphic design-creating the seamless pattern.
The pattern is then burned into a previously made ^^ silkscreen...
After the screen was burned and the pattern reviled the printing process is starting.

I'd print the design on and on until it covered the all duvet (pic. 1)
It took me 3 whole days of intensive labor to finish covering the duvet's front with the pattern!!!

As I finished printing the sunflower pattern,I used a different ink shade (orange) and randomly stamped it with sponge to add the shades into the design. (pic. 2)
The middle of each sunflower was spray bleached to remove the intensity of the color and add the seeds effect (pic. 3)

I know it didn't turn out perfect as in mass produced /machine printed bedsheets ...And there are some mess-ups, but I really think it looks beautiful, and all the imperfect spots will serve as constant reminder of this duvet's HANDMADE nature :)

I just hope that the receiver of this duvet will LOVE it and learn to like the imperfections of it along with it's lovely livelihood :)

5 Month Belly Cast of my first Pregnancy with Sierra

After 4 years in which my belly cast was just laying around collecting dust,I finally got inspired to decorate it...
Since beforehand we already made it into a night lamp for Sierra, all I really needed is my Silhouette cutter to make my vision into a reality ...
I decided to go for a "BRIDE" theme and started dressing up the cast with a dream wedding corset

  • I started with designing a lace vest in Photoshop which was later cut with the help of my Silhouette cutter
  • Afterwards paper flowers were cut and assembled (Roses,Hydrengia ,Peony and some swirls)
  • To give my cast a more "modest" look,I wrapped the bust area with white tulle and glued the flowers on the cleavage. I also added the vest on
  • In order to emphasize the fact that this is a pregnancy belly cast,I added a vinyl fetus and covered it with some additional tulle (baby should be protected in all times :)
  • Under-bust was decorated with satin ribbon and vintage brooch
I may add some more decorations on,but meanwhile,I'm pretty happy with the outcome !

Can't wait to cast my current and HUGE 7 month pregnancy belly :)

Hope that this time around,my new belly cast won't wait that long to be decorated...though,I can't promise anything -the muse is coming when it's coming ...


Monday, January 24, 2011

From OLD Fence into a NEW dead GORGEOUS bed

This would be a MAJOR "Don't throw , Up-Cycle" post!!!

A half a year ago I think,we stumbled upon a beautiful old fence that was taken down and replaced with a new one...We'd ask from the owner of the old fence to take it and planned to make a bed for Sierra from it...Half a year later,the bed was born!!!

Here are some photos of the birth process ( I think it would be the only chance for my hubby to give birth :-D )

Shall we start...
Here is how all began...We had to take the old fence apart and cut it to pieces to fit to the size of the mattress

Then the bed's frame was made

Afterwards the mattress's support beans were added

and vu à la the new bed was born

I'm in-love with the new bed and wish we had more of that reclaimed wood to make a double queen sized bed like this for us...

This bed got me so inspired,that after only 4 years in which my belly cast was laying around collecting dust...I actually, finally got the muse to decorate it (pics of the belly decoration project in the next post)


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Remember my Machinarium top?

Well,it was bought as a gift from one sister (Bryna) to another (Wendy), and has arrived yesterday to her recipient :)

And why am I telling you all that ... Because, I've got so much compliments from Wendy (the recipient) for it ,that I feel I must share her message to me with you...

The title of the message was :

And was followed by these lovely words-

"Hi, this is Bryna's sister.
You have no idea how happy you've made me!
Thank you sooooo much for making this for me.
I love love love it.
It fits me perfectly and it's just the best thing ever.

I'm wondering if I can order another one from you if you still have the screen.
I'm so afraid something will happen to this one because I'm going to want to wear it all the time....

Thank you so much. I actually cried, I was so happy when I opened the package.
Well, of course I have the screen,and it would be my absolute pleasure to create another Machinarium for you,Wendy :)

So here it is,the second top in grayish green

But to make this post much more interesting,I think I must show you the lady who is wearing the cream top and soon will be able to wear the green one too -Wendy

Other then the fact that she is very friendly and lovely person,she is a very talented designer as well!!!
Check out her gorgeous creations

and now...some lovelies for the kiddos (or the kid spirit in us )

My LOVE- Hedgehog
(my Gosh, how I can imagine Sierra wearing this adorable hat)

and how sweet is that.... Dear Toddler
(this would be for her future sister :-D )

Read here About MissFitt

Now you all for sure can see why I've written this post, and how proud I am to make a fellow artist and obviously a very talented person happy to wear my creation!!!!!

Gold and blue...

Check out this beauty^^
This great treasury created by linoy features some of my already favorite sellers, (besides me of course) some of them I featured on this blog...

I think I've broke my record by being featured in 3 different treasuries in the same lovely day :)
This treasury made me happy by featuring my Smocked waistline Oversized Cowl Dress

Now meet the amazing Israeli seller who has made my day for the 3rd time today

A Unique Handmade Bags maker

Here are my favorite bags from Linoy's shop
LOVE...LOVE...LOVE this bag!!! ^^

Vintage flair for you? Gray & pink faux leather bag, OOAK

So who really is Linoy...
Lets find out-

Linoy is a 23 years old bag crafter from Tel- Aviv
All her bags are designed and handmade by her in a smoke, pet- free home with lots of care and love.

The bags are combination of style, humor and fun.
And...she has a HUGE SALE in her shop!!!

So... go and continue exploring her lovely shoppie



Second treasury in the same day :)
This time my convertible hooded top is in the spotlight

This elegant treasury was created by the lovely gazellejewelry
Thank you again for including me in this stunning cluster!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I will marry you...again

My Bridal Lace Headband was featured today for the first time on an AMAZINGLY beautiful etsy treasury created by olushka -a very talented Israeli Waldorf Dolls maker

Now...Now...I have a confession to make...I'd NEVER play with dolls, even as a kid...
But as a mom to a 3.5 year old and new mommy to be ,I think I DEF have a place in my corner for this talented etsy seller

Here are two cuty-pies I would for sure consider buying for Sierra and her future baby sister

I think Sierra would have appreciate a handmade doll like this (and I on the other hand, would have been more then happy to throw the ugly bought dolls she has... :-D )

On this note,lets meet the artist behind these lovely creations-I present you with olushka's short BIO-
"Hi, my name is Ola. I live in the Holy land of Israel.
I am the proud mother of a very sweet baby boy... My desire to surround him with beautiful natural things is the reason that I decided to produce these one of a kind dolls!"

"In my spare time enjoy meditating".

All of the Dolls that Ola produces are my personal creations.
"They are my own designs based on the Waldorf tradition..."

Each Doll is unique with every detail being carefully considered and thoroughly thought-out. The materials used are all natural materials such as wool, cotton, felt, chintz and jersey. The synthetic materials are kept to the bare minimum and are used exclusively for accessories.

For more behind the scene go to-

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Roaring Twenties

My 1920s Flapper Girl Cloche Hat has made it to a stunning etsy treasury by the absolutely and fantastically talented yalipaz -what a honor !
I'm very flattered,but I don't want to talk about myself...I do want to talk about the curator of this vintage flair inspired treasury -yalipaz

When I see Yali's works I get it-Here what etsy is all about-OOAK and Handmade creations just like YaliPaz makes!!!

Handmade brooches, magnets, hair clips and wall art (to die for!!! )

Here are just a small batch of my favorites-

So who is this talented person...Here is a brief BIO -

"My name is Yali. I am a wife, a stay at home mom and a full time artist".

"Crafting my art comes from trying to make it of a high standard each time and keeping it as similar as can be to the images that turn up in my mind.
Never seriously studied and always wanted to be really free with my art and not have rules to restrict me".

"Hope my art will make you smile".

No Yali...It makes me drool :-D

If I could have,I would feature each and everyone of YaliPaz brooches ...They are so gorgeous I can't stop admiring them all!
Obviously ,these were only a small selection of beautiful wearable works of art and for my opinion, you just MUST check out the shop and keep browsing and drooling like I do right now ...

Blue Feathers

Valentines Day is fast approaching... A sign to that is this beautiful treasury by BabyToGo featured with my LOVE hand screen-printed His and Hers T-shirts
GORGEOUS gift collection!!!!