Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I will marry you...again

My Bridal Lace Headband was featured today for the first time on an AMAZINGLY beautiful etsy treasury created by olushka -a very talented Israeli Waldorf Dolls maker

Now...Now...I have a confession to make...I'd NEVER play with dolls, even as a kid...
But as a mom to a 3.5 year old and new mommy to be ,I think I DEF have a place in my corner for this talented etsy seller

Here are two cuty-pies I would for sure consider buying for Sierra and her future baby sister

I think Sierra would have appreciate a handmade doll like this (and I on the other hand, would have been more then happy to throw the ugly bought dolls she has... :-D )

On this note,lets meet the artist behind these lovely creations-I present you with olushka's short BIO-
"Hi, my name is Ola. I live in the Holy land of Israel.
I am the proud mother of a very sweet baby boy... My desire to surround him with beautiful natural things is the reason that I decided to produce these one of a kind dolls!"

"In my spare time enjoy meditating".

All of the Dolls that Ola produces are my personal creations.
"They are my own designs based on the Waldorf tradition..."

Each Doll is unique with every detail being carefully considered and thoroughly thought-out. The materials used are all natural materials such as wool, cotton, felt, chintz and jersey. The synthetic materials are kept to the bare minimum and are used exclusively for accessories.

For more behind the scene go to-

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