Monday, January 10, 2011

Some new handmade frames for my art postcard collection

The pirate's gospel by movezerb finally got it's new frame with some help from my new friend -the Silhouette cutter machine

This frame was hand painted according to the style of the artwork and then for that extra touch,I added some vinyl trees :)

One more beauty by movezerb the "Critters" - Mini print got a FABULOUS find-an old broken frame my hubby found thrown away near the garbage...which was fixed,matted and decorated with a fuzzy vinyl forest green inner frame and a vinyl tree and flying birds silhouette

And here is a lovely "Seduction" postcard by HidenSeek which was framed in a simple IKEA frame pained in lovely pale blue pearl acrylic paint and when dried I drew some tree picks using water colors to continue the trees pictured in the postcard

The whole forest themed bunch having fun while decorating the wall in Sierra's room

And how about a little peak to some more of the fantastic works by HidenSeek?!
Art of fairytales and dark forest creatures

I felt I must share this not only because I adore Hidden Eloise's works,but also because she's having a huge sell in her shop!!! So enjoy my finds and don't miss the FESTIVE UP TO 30% OFF SALE she's currently offering ...

Here you go, some of my FAVs

The magic world of HidenSeek ...
"When I draw, the sun comes always from the west, the shadows always fall to the east.
All shoes are like my ever smiling red lustre mary janes that made me want to never grow up.....
..and all fingers are up to 4 in each hand, exactly as how I always used to miss 1 or 2 of them while counting...
There's a seven year old inside me that never grew up and takes over ....she makes me relive my childhood by playing the game of Hide n Seek".

Sshhhh... find her inher secret hideouts ;)

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