Monday, January 31, 2011

5 Month Belly Cast of my first Pregnancy with Sierra

After 4 years in which my belly cast was just laying around collecting dust,I finally got inspired to decorate it...
Since beforehand we already made it into a night lamp for Sierra, all I really needed is my Silhouette cutter to make my vision into a reality ...
I decided to go for a "BRIDE" theme and started dressing up the cast with a dream wedding corset

  • I started with designing a lace vest in Photoshop which was later cut with the help of my Silhouette cutter
  • Afterwards paper flowers were cut and assembled (Roses,Hydrengia ,Peony and some swirls)
  • To give my cast a more "modest" look,I wrapped the bust area with white tulle and glued the flowers on the cleavage. I also added the vest on
  • In order to emphasize the fact that this is a pregnancy belly cast,I added a vinyl fetus and covered it with some additional tulle (baby should be protected in all times :)
  • Under-bust was decorated with satin ribbon and vintage brooch
I may add some more decorations on,but meanwhile,I'm pretty happy with the outcome !

Can't wait to cast my current and HUGE 7 month pregnancy belly :)

Hope that this time around,my new belly cast won't wait that long to be decorated...though,I can't promise anything -the muse is coming when it's coming ...


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