Monday, January 31, 2011

Custom Designed and HAND Screen-Printed Duvet Cover

At the beginning of the month I bid on a really cool alchemy request on etsy -the request was to recreate a sunflower pattern seen in a certain photo and print it on a duvet cover.
The customer has asked me if I can make a print test so she can see if I'm at all able to produce something similar to the original print for her,and since I love a good challenge,and can understand her concern, I decided to do it.

Making a hand screen-printed fabric is a VERY time consuming and labor demanding job,and during the process you really learn to appreciate all those etsy sellers who sell their hand screen-printed goodies!!!
And even though ,it wasn't an easy job for a 7 month pregnant lady (me),I enjoyed creating this piece of art from scratch-start with the design process of the sunflower pattern on Photoshop and continuing by hand imprinting each block of sunflower design on the fabric (in this case,a duvet cover)

Shane (the customer), was very intrigued by the creating process and had ask me if I can capture the making of steps for her...Of course,I gladly accepted and here they are, for you to see these as well

The real work begins now-
First step is the graphic design-creating the seamless pattern.
The pattern is then burned into a previously made ^^ silkscreen...
After the screen was burned and the pattern reviled the printing process is starting.

I'd print the design on and on until it covered the all duvet (pic. 1)
It took me 3 whole days of intensive labor to finish covering the duvet's front with the pattern!!!

As I finished printing the sunflower pattern,I used a different ink shade (orange) and randomly stamped it with sponge to add the shades into the design. (pic. 2)
The middle of each sunflower was spray bleached to remove the intensity of the color and add the seeds effect (pic. 3)

I know it didn't turn out perfect as in mass produced /machine printed bedsheets ...And there are some mess-ups, but I really think it looks beautiful, and all the imperfect spots will serve as constant reminder of this duvet's HANDMADE nature :)

I just hope that the receiver of this duvet will LOVE it and learn to like the imperfections of it along with it's lovely livelihood :)

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