Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Remember my Machinarium top?

Well,it was bought as a gift from one sister (Bryna) to another (Wendy), and has arrived yesterday to her recipient :)

And why am I telling you all that ... Because, I've got so much compliments from Wendy (the recipient) for it ,that I feel I must share her message to me with you...

The title of the message was :

And was followed by these lovely words-

"Hi, this is Bryna's sister.
You have no idea how happy you've made me!
Thank you sooooo much for making this for me.
I love love love it.
It fits me perfectly and it's just the best thing ever.

I'm wondering if I can order another one from you if you still have the screen.
I'm so afraid something will happen to this one because I'm going to want to wear it all the time....

Thank you so much. I actually cried, I was so happy when I opened the package.
Well, of course I have the screen,and it would be my absolute pleasure to create another Machinarium for you,Wendy :)

So here it is,the second top in grayish green

But to make this post much more interesting,I think I must show you the lady who is wearing the cream top and soon will be able to wear the green one too -Wendy

Other then the fact that she is very friendly and lovely person,she is a very talented designer as well!!!
Check out her gorgeous creations

and now...some lovelies for the kiddos (or the kid spirit in us )

My LOVE- Hedgehog
(my Gosh, how I can imagine Sierra wearing this adorable hat)

and how sweet is that.... Dear Toddler
(this would be for her future sister :-D )

Read here About MissFitt

Now you all for sure can see why I've written this post, and how proud I am to make a fellow artist and obviously a very talented person happy to wear my creation!!!!!

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