Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dry Poinintmaking on Perspex - Introduction : minu - Making Nice Stu...

While searching on etsy for a cute and primitive looking fox illustration, I stumbled upon the loveliest prints by minu

Artwork, Limited Edition Prints and Plush Creatures

The printing technique was described as "Drypoint Etching"
I've never heard of it before and immediately decided to check what it's all about...
While browsing the web,I found this great written tutorial followed by a video explaining this lovely technique

Since I love learning new stuff and perspex plates are a really easy to find (at my daddy's place of work :-D ) I'm seriously thinking of trying this out ...
Maybe you'd like to do the same,so here are the videos made by minu herself
(studying from the best is the best :)

2nd part

3rd part

Looks pretty COOL!!!!!!

and now.....Meet the artist-
Originating in Germany, minu arrived in Wellington, New Zealand, in late 2006 and stayed. With a background in commercial design and architecture, minu now works as an independent illustrator, toymaker and artist. Her artwork ranges from traditional printmaking to mixed media and textile art. She is selling her artwork, limited edition prints and plush objects in selected shops and online.

Minu is passionate about the idea of non-definitive storytelling, not focused on the narrative, but depicting the non-textual matter. Her creations form archetypal characters and scenes. Her illustrations are snapshots of strange and magical stories, triggering shared memories, handing the handing the story back to the viewer, for him or her to complete the tale...

Though not addressed to children, her artwork is naive and figurative. Her characters are based on traditional archetypes like the unwilling (grumpy) and lonely hero, the companion on a journey, dangers and shadows of the past, present and future. Her creations often shift their shapes, wearing various skins or living in symbioses with others beings. They are in transition between stagnation and change.

Even though her characters are naive, melancholic, they emit something strangely positive and uplifting. Her compositions are based on simplicity, leaving wide open spaces.

The label Minu was formally called 3poppies. In January 2008 the name changed to minu.

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