Saturday, December 6, 2014

My Workspace - Busy, Practical ,Creative

By Viki Tiamat
I've got contacted by  WeWork  a co-working company that focuses on building and empowering people to do what they love ,asking  me to share my creative workspace with their community .
Obviously, I gladly accepted  and here I am sharing my space with you guys :)

To tell  you the truth , I wouldn't call my workspace inspirational , but rather a practical one .
I work in a very tiny space and don't have the luxury to "waste"  my walls  on art and knick knacks as I may wanted . However, I truly think my work area is super creative even though .

So what I have in my little corner-
 As I mentioned before it's a very small space, so I needed to find a practical solution for my big drafting table.After giving it a lot of though,I designed and hand crafted a fold over table that suits my every needs- it has  a hinged table top I open  wide when I draft and cut my fashion designs and close it for my other crafty needs .
My walls are FULL of tools hanged from magnetic bars and metal baskets -you will find there stuff like  patterned rollers and wood carved stamps for fabric printing , bryers, staplers , button makers ,hole piercers ,rulers ,rotary knives and so on.
At the far end knook ,I have my screen-printing station , UV table ,all my screens and paints , shelves full of dyes and dye related chemicals, inks ,acrylic paints and a big stush of papers for my hand bound books
The other side of the room has all my patterns and my XYRON  adhesive stations .
As you can see every inch of my walls is crowded with art supplies and this is the way I love it-I just LOVE tools :)

So here you go, now you've seen my busy work corner and it may seen completely not inspiring  and totally not "designed" as  it may be expected from an artist and designer, but don't worry, I do have my peacefully artistic corner too-it's on the opposite side of my room and it is totally and completely the designer and artist side of ME :)
It has artistically painted walls with monoprinted and hand drawn flowers all over and an art display by my favorite illustrators . So when I finish my busy workday I can relax ,admire and get inspiration without being distracted   

Hope you enjoyed from the sneak peek inside my busy,practical yet creative workspace.
Stay tuned for an inside view to my studio