Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Up Does for your inspiration



I collected some of the braids I've made during the year into a small slideshow for your inspiration

All kinds of braids


Fun Transfer Technique DIY

I want to show you a fun and easy way you can transfer any home printed photo to fabric .
It's a great technique any quilter can benefit from without the need to buy the special inject cotton sheets or different stiffeners  which here where I live is impossible to find ,but even if you can easily obtain some yourself,this will be just another fun DIY to master

To start with you'll need -

  • a photo printed with inject printer on your standard photo paper
  • cotton fabric
  • 70% alco-gel (Hygienic Hand Gel-for cleaning the hands without soap and water )

Soak the fabric with the ALCO GEL 
Take the photo you want to transfer and place it face down on the wet cloth
Put some more gel onto the photo
Rub gently
Lift a tad to see how the transfer coming along (if not transferred well enough,rub the photo some more)
When you happy with the result,lift the photo and dry with fan

I coloured my transfer with aquarelle  pencils to make the colours pop back  cause the finished result does come out faded ,but either way ,I like this fun technique
P.S I don't know if this transfer method will work with professional lab printed photos,so be aware  :)

  and this is how the original photo will look like after you'd finish with it

You can do a little line-art to it as I did here or just toss it and enjoy your new "canvas printed picture"