Saturday, July 20, 2013

New house...New Wall ART

As I had mention on my FB timeline ,we just recently moved to a new house ...
Of course,as usual, (you all know me,I can't live with white walls ) my hubby and I had totally renovated it even though it's a rental.
I just have the need to make it my own (and thank God to our new home owner that went with all my paint job ideas and allowed me a freehand )
We started with the living room's grand wall.
Originally, it had these weird squares drawn on it-totally not my design esthetics !!
 I don't even get what the heck is it...a color test swatches or something :D
LOVE the door though ;) No complains there!

We covered the whole wall with light grayish decorative plaster

Hubby working hard on the first layer...I did the decorative effects
 Bye ,Bye colour swatches

wet plaster
 half dried and lightly pressed 
 Pressed and lightly smoothed 
I have HUGE plans for this wall!!! I want to DIY a Pinspired project of piped shelving on it :)

Second room that got a VIP treatment was our bedroom .
Our home owner's kids used to sleep in this room ,but when we moved in,we decided to give the smaller room to our kids and take this huge room to ourselves (we deserve it ! )

Here is how it looked like before
It's a happy room no doubt ,but it just not me :p
Here is what we did with it -
First of, a nice solid layer of fresh vanilla paint on all the walls but one
And the wall that has left, received a decorative plaster in warm cream shade
This will be the wall where the  headboard of our bed will be

 It had turn nicely,but I decided to gold glaze it all
 And to age the other wall (not that happy about the aged wall though...will work on it some more :)

BUT the really grand paintwork and my complete and full attention got our kids's room
Since originally,it was the adult's bedroom,it had a dark wine shade wall in it,which actually was really nice,but not for a 6 and 2 year old girls....
I painted all the walls in happy and light shades of greenish and bluish -two walls been solid and two walls decoratively painted .
The biggest wall in the room got a crazy mixed and matched effect -lots of different shades were applied to this wall,one on top of the other,covering and mixing in each other

While the wall to it's right,got a very subtle pearl glaze
After I finished with the paint job, I decided to add a large scale wall art of my original illustration on the crazy wall
I enlarged my doodles in photoshop, selected some lovely cardstock by LVB and Teresa Collins,  cut  large stencils  of the drawings out of the selected cardstock with my silhouette cutter and used my Creatopia Machine loaded with repositionable adhesive cartridge to make some HUGE wall stickers

 Stencil and a Sticker of my flower out of LVB Poppy collection cardstock (still glued to the cutting matt of the cutter
 Applying sticky transfer sheet for easy transfer of the cut shape  to the Creatopia machine
 removing the cutting matt off 

 Applying the back to back repo glue
 The sticker is ready!

First option of using the cut shape is as stencil
 Stick it to the wall and tab some paint over it as you would normally do with any stencil

 Second option is to use the shape itself

 Side by side
 Adding more flowers with different pattern on -this cardstock is by Teresa Collins
 The yellow flower was cut out of Coordination Color Core Cardstock

 Adding leafs and more flowers

 Stenciling again

 Applying transparent pearl glaze

  More flowers :)
 This one is going to be a gold glazed flower
 I also added some hand drawn flowers in using my Posca markers
 And the bunny from our previous crib relocated with us too ( this is actually the beauty in repositionable adhesive by XYRON -you can take your art with you wherever you go,even if it was previously  glued to other walls!!! )
You can read the How To tutorial on the Bunny Sticker here in my past post
 Close Up of the done wall art

 View with the pearl wall

So what do you think?
Let me know how you like it all :)
 Photos of the fully decorated and furnished room soon to follow-stay tuned :)