Friday, July 19, 2013

From what DREAMS are made of...

After much work on my new baby boys geared bedding sets ,I've finally listed them in my shop

I LOVE how they turned out and really hope my customers will appreciate my new line and the huge amount of time I'd spent on  designing and creating each, all in order to bring something that is truly unique and OOAK to the table

I call this set "The Rocking Boat" :)
This nautical, vintage inspired ,nostalgic set  is a work of art really-
And I thought it would be interesting to all my existing and potential customers to see, how I made it ...Which materials were  used ...and what tools helped  make it all happen
A story of crib bumper birth really... The stuff that the dreams are made of :)
So here is how it all begins

First of ,I design all the elements I'm going to use to make the cushions  in Photoshop and cut a stencil/template of them using Silhouette cutter
Next  comes my trusty helper-my XYRON Creatopia Machine loaded with repositionable adhesive cartridge .
I use it to apply an even layer of repo glue on the back side of my stencil so I can easily screen print the design of the clouds to my cotton squares
 I glue the cut outs to the fabric using the stencil as my guide to the right placement of the elements
 Lay my silk screen on top and apply a small amount of ink
 Flood the screen with ink
 And the clouds are ready :)

 Next is the appliques stage-
I source lots of fabric scraps in blue color scheme and run them all through my Creatopia Machine that is now loaded with Fabric adhesive cartridge 

 I do the same with other planned shapes and now when all my scraps are evenly coated with adhesive
I assemble the fabric collage by adding and stitching the cut appliques as I go
 Everything has been machine embroider 

  Adding more shapes...

  and machine embroider again ...
 The little boat gets some colour treatment 
 and a company of a little birdie on a log
 Adding  some hand stitching  for the final touch  :)
And now when I'm happy with the result ,I start to think of the next three cushions-the patterned ones.
 To make those, I had upcycle three old men's shirts  :)
And after they were done, I added some decorative elements to the screen-printed/embroidered cushions  using scraps of those shirt-each cushion and it's own connecting pattern

Ta Da :)

The second crib bumper set is a Hand dyed set done using the Shibory technique
And the third set is a mix of both sets :)

I really do hope you'll LOVE them as much as I do :)

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