Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The cutest little bonus for good Behavior XYRON-LYB-May Arts Ribbons Blog Hop continuation

In my last post I've promised to show you how to make a cute little treat for your princess to honor her Great Behavior using the lovely May Arts ribbons
This is a VERY easy and FUN project you can complete in about 5 minutes with the help of the awesome XYRON's NEW High Tack Glue Dots -no more hot glue guns that burn your fingertips...Or tacky liquid glues that stick to your fingers -Great ,Fast and No mess project :D

To make a Ribbon Hair Clip  Bow all you'll need is -

  • 3 different but coordinating ribbons in the following sizes
1st should be 12.5 cm
2nd 10.5 cm
3rd 4.5 cm
I used May Arts Grosgrain Dots DD14  5/8" in red
and  1/4" White  Mini Dot

Cut your ribbons to size
Place a 10mm dot near the cut end  of your widest ribbon 
Fold and overlap the other end on top of the glue dot (leave a little bit of the glue dot uncovered* )
Do the same with a narrower ribbon (this time place a smaller 6 mm. dot )

See how the 10 mm. dot on the wide ribbon is peeking out a bit?
We need it that way to adhere the smaller ribbon on top!
Place both ribbons one on top of the other 
Add small 6 mm high tack glue dots in the inside of the loops ,right at the middle
Add one on top as well
Place the shortest and narrowest ribbon on top of the glue dot
Add two additional dots on reverse of the ribbon -one on each cut end
And two 6 mm dots on each end of your clip as well
Center the clip on the back of the wide ribbon with the glue dots facing the ribbon
Fold over the cut ends of the ribbon onto the clip
Overlap the end to perfectly secure the clip
Ta DA-you just made the cutest bow for your little one 
 You can add some gems in the middle,though I think it's pretty enough without as well :)

My both little ladies LOVED their new earned bows ! 
Hope your's will do too :)

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