Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New projects ...New ideas...Baby Boy's Bedding in mind

I love designing the nursery bedding line for my kids shop.recently ,I figured,that almost all of my items are geared towards girls (I wonder why :D ) ,so I decided to give something great for the little boys too!
Here is a sneak peek to my new design
I call it "Rocking Boat "
The inspiration for the design  came to me by a total coincidence -my 2.5 year old princess,Sheluv was playing a tune on her IPad ,I asked her what is it the song that she's listening to and she'd show me this totally adorable animated kid's song that was so amazing I immediately started to work on the "inspired by" collection
Each square is hand screen printed then after appliqued ,free hand machine embroidered ,hand stitched and hand drawn
This is the first square I made (I added some additional details later on,but you can see the overall idea :)

Second square for the set

Third square for the Set

Now these squares will soon become a set of 6 crib bumper pads ,so to complete the set I needed 3 more creative artworks and I couldn't find anything better then the idea of dyeing some blank white cotton squares with the wonderful Shibory technique  
I couldn't be more happy with the results


Line drying after dye bath
How cool is the totally nautical vibe these have ,ha :)
and they work perfectly with my quilted squares

ALL material beside the dye powder were upcycled fabric scraps from men's button down shirts and vintage linens

To make my life MUCH more easier,I used Silhouette cutter to cut my own designs out of fabric and XYRON Creatopia Machine with fabric adhesive cartridge to securely glue my cut appliques prior stitching  
Hope you like it :)


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