Monday, May 27, 2013

Art Frame DIY part II

In the last post,I showed you how to make your own awesome Art Frame without any wood,nails or  other heavy duty tools. This post is a follow up :)
Another frame,same materials with slightly different result
Second option with Canvas Flowers Stickers-you decide what you like best :)

You'll need-
A postcard 
Foam Board
Soft Pastels 
Posca Markers
Strong Glue 

You start the same-tracing your postcard  around it's perimeter and then adding 1 to 1.5" all around to create the frame.
Cut out the middle and set the frame aside 
 Now we shall prepare the decorative coating of the frame
Set your Creatopia Machine with the embosser roller-I use DOTS pattern for this project
 Emboss the Cardstock 
 Very,Very cool ,ye
 Now sand the Core'dinations ColorCore Cardstock  to reveal the core

 Now run the embossed /sanded paper through Creatopia again ,but this time with the permanent adhesive cartridge inside
 Glue the patterned paper on top of the already cut foam board frame 
 Fold the margins onto the foam board as if you are wrapping a gift :)
 Cut diagonal triangles inside 
 Fold them on top  to cover the ugly sides of the foam  

Cut the extra triangles and use them to glue the postcard inside the frame
 The frame is ready for decorations 
 Draw extensions to the flowers in the postcard-use same colours  and media if possible
 Add steams with ultra fine marker-I use PC-1MR Posca marker
 To add some additional  3D effect ,I use Little Yellow Bicycles -Naturals Stick Pins  -Wood Words
They are too precious to pass on
 Just pushing them inside the foam board (not something you would do easily if you were to use a wooden frame)
 Admiring the results :)

GORGEOUS Art Postcard by Anne Julie Aubry  " Girl at Poppies" 

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