Monday, May 20, 2013

Art Frame DIY

You all know that I LOVE collecting Art Postcards from my favorite worldwide illustrators !
Some I buy...some I win in various blog giveaways and some I receive from my artists friends :)
I surely posted quite a lot of Art Frame projects where I showed you my own contribution to the beautiful art postcards and prints  I've collected through the years and this post is one of them yet again, but this time it's a DIY tutorial as well -YEY
To make your own Art Frame like this lovely shown here
Art Postcard by Minasmoke 
 you'll need-
A postcard 
Foam Board
Core'dinations ColorCore Cardstock
Soft Pastels 
Posca Markers
Gel-a-Tins Stamps
Strong Glue 

To begin with replace the cartridge in your Creatopia Machine with an Embossing rollers in the pattern of your choice -I choose the Hearts pattern for this project because the flowers in the postcard have a heart shape to them :)
Now run your cardstock through Creatopia 
 AWESOME  already and I haven't done anything special yet ;)

Now take your sandpaper and rub it on the Core'dinations ColorCore Cardstock to reveal the core 

 See how the core is now revealed-really cool feature of these speciality cardstocks

O.K, after finishing the cardstock treatment,we are ready to cut the frame out of the foam board
Just place your postcard on the board, trace it and cut the desired height and width  of the frame

I cut the foam board with my roller knife-I don't mind if the edges won't come out straight and neat as we are going to glue our heart embossed cardstock on top anyway

Now you need to change back from the embosser rollers to your adhesive cartridge and run the cardstock through Creatopia
Place the cardstock  glue side up and the foam board on top
Fold the excess cardstock inwards onto the frame
Do it for all the sides
Now we have a ready frame with glue in the middle to put our postcard in

I also cut 4 narrow strips from the same cardstock and glued them inside to cover the sides of the foam board
And now the artistic part of the Art Frame begins :)
Grab your pastels and start colour  the embossed hearts to create flowers replicas 

When you finish drawing flowers ,add some shading like in the original postcard and some hand drawn  lineart poppies 
And if you have some stamps you think will  work great with the theme of the postcard,don't be afraid to use them as well :)
I have the sweetest Honey Bear set by Gel-a-Tins  which worked fabulous with my art frame-
I used the Butterfly,Bees and Daisies seen on the bottom right corner to compliment my hand drawn flowers

To finish the frame,you'll need a thingy to hang the frame from on the wall
I used the opening tab from a Soft Drink can as my hanger device ;D 
Glued it in place and TA DA
(How awesome is the back of the frame haaa )

 You have a ready to  hang frame  

On the wall with it's friends:)



  1. Anonymous4/6/13 17:06

    Love the art frame project. Glad to get a more detailed description of using the Creatopia and how to use it.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome tut! I am thinking I need a Creatopia!

  3. What creative ideas! Can't wait to try it!

  4. What a lovely idea.