Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Movezerb's Art Postcard...My Handmade Altered Frame...and...Silhouette's Weekly Shape Challenge

I've blogged about Movezerb's lovely art a long time ago,back  when I won her giveaway and received an art print and a few beautiful  postcards of my choice from her etsy shop ...
One of them been a "Queen Sugar"- postcard picturing  a little fairy hiding in a cupcake...
It was so charming and absolutely cute ,I had to make a worthy frame for it

So what one does to make a "worthy" frame....?
Matches colours of course...Then spreads some fairy dust on...Glues some complimentary  trinkets  and.... To make things even more festive, bunting is a MUST !!! 
Even more so ,when the illustration itself has a candy garland pictured...so everything is matchy,matchy :)

Now to make a bunting I could have cut triangles by hand...but why should I ,when I have my Silhouette cutter that can make my job much easier AND make it faster and more accurate (I hate cutting by hand as I'm VERY particular about my neat edges :p YES,I know,I'm crazy :D

And so,using Silhouette Banners shape  I quickly whipped out a cute colourful banner with Sheluvi's name written in Hebrew on it (the framed illustration  is hang above her bed after all :)  

Here is the result-LOVE it!

What there is not to love :)
Challenge accepted and completed ! 
If you are wondering about the challenge I'm talking about in the header ,go to Silhouette blog here and check it up-maybe it will get your juices flowing (that is if you still not drooling after this post lol )


  1. Wow, how totally awesome is this??? The frame is definitely worthy!!! Great job!

  2. That turned out really cute. I love how fun it is!

  3. wow - this is a super art work which is so unique to me - i've never seen anything like it before - and love it.

    Love how you used the banner on the corner of your frame and that it doesn't over-power or become the focal point of the project.

    Glad I popped over from the Silhouette blog!

    Paula x x x