Friday, May 10, 2013

Making a Playhouse out of an old Baby Crib DIY

Our kids have grew out of their crib,but I had a difficult time to let it go or God forbid throw it away.
We took it apart and put it in the garden under the staircase and it has been standing there for more than half a year already...
One day,while browsing Pinterest ,I stumbled upon this great pin showing a playhouse which was build around a walk in closet . It was AMAZING!!!!!!
I looked and looked on it and little by little I found resemblance between my crib and this beautiful indoor playhouse.
I said-what if I'll take the crib's rails and make them into the sides of the house...And the crib's mattress   base into the roof...
And I'll place it all under the stairs in my garden to form a visual other side of the roof...
What if........?
let's try and see :)

 You do need to score yourself some wood beams -I found mine near the garbage (I guess these were leftovers from someones DIY :)

The construction is VERY simple- three beams on one side..Three beams on the other side...and crib rails and mattress base in between and on top

Connecting the rails to the beams

To connect the right side to the left,and give the playhouse a little more stability ,we made a little sitting bench 

 And that's it the playhouse is ready :)

Now for some finishing touches I hang on some solar powered fairy lights and other decor you can read about in the next post------>



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