Thursday, April 19, 2012

White Sofa...Is it really a good idea

Two years ago we bought an IKEA couch with WHITE slipcovers-WHAT A HUGE MISTAKE!!!
Of course we knew the mistake we are making right at that time,but it was on sale ...and I knew that I can always dye the slipcovers to a different color if I'd choose to...
A week after we got the sofa,Sierra (my 4.5 yr. old ) drew some outrageous blue doodles on the shazlong with a non removable marker (of course...could that possibly be drawn with any other marker-only the non removable type :D )
And Yes,I did flipped -who want to see a HUGE blue doodle on a new WHITE couch ....But hey,somewhere deep inside we knew it's gonna happen,so we let it pass and added to the doodles like about thousand of other stains ...And so,after seeing  the cutest doodle chair on Pinterest  I decided to go for it and doodle away on my sofa too.
I collected some inspiration and drew outlines for Sierra to color in-a GREAT mommy and daughter activity I may add! And so ,during a week we drew the stains away :) Each dirty spot got it's own drawing cover up and any additional ones that will follow will earn the same treatment-so it's a progressing work of art-our sofa that is

Here is our creative process-

Covering the doodles with a large print of bus trolley art

 I drew the line-art 
 Sierra and Sheluv were responsible for the coloring 
*use water resistant fabric markers
adding more and more illustrations to cover the stains 

What do you say? I think it's pretty neat :)
A couch that is also a piece of art