Monday, June 10, 2013

Epiphany Crafts at XYRON Blog Hop

The Birthday season  of my little family is fast approaching and the search for cool party favors is ON

  As part of this blog hop I had the chance to experiment with a really neat tool by Epiphany Crafts- a 25mm Scalloped Circle punch and matching acrylic bubble caps
There are hundreds of ways one can use this tool and with birthdays in mind,I thought of a really simple but fun way to use the punch to make a '123' party favors

My idea was to take recycled bottle caps and a picture of your choice (you can use photos of the guests or favorite cartoon characters if you like ) and make a fridge magnets out of them 
I went with Shabby Chic style graphics to create magnets with Romantic feel :)

To make this project you'll need- 
Recycled beer bottle caps
Plyers and a sharp tool (I use nail file )
Epiphany Crafts 25 scalloped circle punch
Epiphany Crafts 25 scalloped bubble caps
LYB journaling tag
(or use photos and print outs )
XYRON 10 mm High Tack Dots
XYRON Magnet Tape

Gather your supplies 

 Take the plyers and bottle cap first
 Flatten the cap with the plyers to create a pendant 

 Grab your nail file
 Remove the rubber coating from the cap
 Step 1 of the project is ready 
 Step 2
Take your punch and the cardstock/photo/print out of your choice
- I used Little Yellow Bicycle Journaling Cards - with thermography
 cause I liked the little birdie and it's cute birdhouse ..I have something for birdhouses lately :D

 Place the cardstock  in the punch with the graphic side up.
Open the plastic lid and you will be able to see exactly how the end result will look like through the window
 Place the bubble cap on top of the graphic and rub it good to adhere the cap to the cardstock
 Some little hands are helping me with the task :)
It's so easy ,my 6 year old could do it all by herself!
 Now close the lid and press on the punch
 Yey! READY :)
 Step 2 is complete

 Step 3 is all about the GLUE that keeps it all together
The fastest way to glue the acrylic cap to the bottle cap would be to use
 The best way to use the dots is by placing the acrylic cap directly on the glue dot and not trying to peel the dot and glue it on the cap...
 I used two glue dots one on top of the other cause my beer bottle cap wasn't 100% flat on the base  ,which elevated my acrylic cap a little bit,but this actually made it even more pretty cause the scalloped edges now much more visible and look so adorable.
 Now you can use the pendant as is and string it on a cord ( you just need to punch a little hole in the metal cap )
OR do what I did
I took my XYRON Magnet tape ,cut a square and glued to the base of the bottle cap to make a decorative  fridge magnet

 So easy ...So cute
My fridge couldn't be more happy for it's new additions :)

In case and you are wondering what all these little squares are...They called "Inchies" and these are a collectable Artist inch size squares I traded with people all across the world.
There are lots of artist's trading going on on SwapBot and an Inchies swaps are very popular there :)



  1. How cute these are!
    Thanks for the instructions.
    I'll have to try these out.
    Carla from Utah

  2. I love these magnets! I am going to make these with my grandsons! They are going to have so much fun deciding what to use! TFS!

  3. Cute them! Thanks for the instructions!