Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Behavior Chart and Good Behavior Treats DIY

This month me and my team mates at XYRON are doing a new blog hop with not 1 but 2!! great companies-Little Yellow Bicycle and May Arts -what a thrill

I love LYB cardstock,but this time,I used their awesome and uh-so-sweet embellishments for my project
I'm going to show you how to make a "Rainbow  Behavior Chart"  for your kids ,one that won't shame any other room decor!

To make the chart you'll need-
Bulletin Cork board
Picture Frame
Cardstock in 7 rainbow colours and white color for the base
 In case and you don't know what are the colors of the rainbow,you'll need :
Sky Blue/Baby Blue

continuing on with the supply list, you'll also need-

To decorate the cork board you'll need
For the Good Behavior trinkets you'll need-
Lots of pretty ribbons by May Arts
XYRON NEW High Tack Glue Dots (3/8 " and 1/4" )
Hair Clip


 Cut the cork board to size of your frame
 Cut the Rainbow Arc in each of it's seven colors
Plus, cut White offset Rainbow shape for the base

I'd cut 13 sets for each color,because we have a goal to collect a total  of 13 full rainbows till our family trip to France!
That was the initial  reason I'd choose to go with the rainbows system for my oldest princess's behaviour chart-
It makes the count of the days much easier for anxious Sierra :)
Rainbow has 7 colors ...Week has 7 days 
Each passing day with good behaviour ,Sierra earns one color of the rainbow
After collecting all 7 rainbow's colors, she knows that one week has passed

Cut some extra clouds for decoration
I designed all the shapes in Photoshop and cut them with my Silhouette cutter.
 BUT, these are very easy shapes to cut by hand ,if you don't have any cutting machine or die cut folders
 Next step would be to run the white rainbow base die cuts through your trusty Xyron Creatopia Machine ,or Creative Station in your possession  9 and 5 inch will do a great job,but I prefer to do it in quick batches with my Creatopia :)

And  glue  them on the cork board (don't glue on the clouds yet! )
 Now take the transparent vinyl, cut it to long strips (longer than the actual width of the board)
My strips were about 45cm long and 5cm high for a board which is 35cm wide
I cut a total of 5 vinyl strips-same number as my white rainbow bases .

You need to fold each strip in half , peel the backing and adhere the sides with glue to each other to create a sturdy 1" high strip of vinyl
 With your Tape runner, run a thin adhesive strip through the length of the vinyl and adhere the strips on top of the white rainbow base .
Fold the excesses from each end backwards and glue them permanently to the cork board .
This will make a pocket for all the rainbow colors you'll be placing in

You also will need to cut 7 rectangulars for the behavior options
Run them through your Creatopia Machine and glue them near the white rainbow bases
 (see above ^^ )

Each color will represent a different set of behaviours 
I went with Green for the midground 
It says-
 "Good Morning-New Day has come baring NEW Opportunities "
Above the green will be glued
Sky Blue rectangular for "Good Behavior"
Navy Blue for "Great Behavior" 
Purple for "EXTREMELY Good  Behavior"

Beneath the green are glued the BAD behaviours 
Yellow for "First Warning"
Orange for "Second Warning "
and Red for "You've lost your privilege for a rainbow color

After finishing assembling all the above,mount the corkboard to your frame
Now is the perfect time to decorate it and make it more pleasing to the eye and much more kid friendly-
Glue the clouds on...Add flowers,grass,trees,butterflies...etc
I had the most awesome LYB Cardstock Stickers- "Fresh Verse" that were just perfect for behavior charts
And LYB burlap Sticker made a lovely whimsical addition to the already colorful board

The system is working very well!
You place a whole rainbow in the "Good Morning " pocket and track your kid's behavior with a wooden tag- LYB has these great wooden tags with "HAPPY" word printed on.
You can write "SAD" on the opposite side and move the peg as the day progresses 
"Good Behavior" will be recognized by one single color a day
"Great Behavior" will be rewarded with a simple price ,like a sticker your kid can continue decorating his/her board with 
I placed some LYB cardstock stickers from the Favorite Pieces collection in the pocket of "Great Behavior" and each time Sierra reaches this slot, she earns one sticker
*let him/her glue the sticker on only in the end of the day!!! The reason is below -keep reading :)

EXTREMELY well behaved kid will earn an EXTRA special bonus (you know what your kid  values  these days) ,so the bonus should be something small, yet something your kid likes very much :) Sierra is all about the garbage fellows- The Trashies 

On the other hand, "First Warning" will take away the *small reward (the sticker in my system)
Kids usually don't mind that much been separated with this little trinket ...
While,"Second Warning" will take away the extra special bonus - a HUGE bummer for your kid  :(
AND if (hopefully never) or when your kid has hit rock bottom (the RED rectangular) ,he/she will lose the most important thing really-the Rainbow Color of the Day,which will set him/her one step away from the main target you've initially set (ours would be the trip to France! ).

Your kid will learn the value of good behavior for sure! 
The system helps me so much with Sierra's moods -she doesn't see it as a threat , in opposite, it motivates her to do good,help around and overall feel much more aware of her actions
AND with the little presents she gets for great behaviors ,she has a free hand to explore her creativity and place her own stamp on the chart :)

Good Luck,and hope this chart will help you,your kids and your creative  juices  fly high to the rainbow

Follow me to the next post to see how to make the cutest Bonus for your little princess , to reward  her Great Behavior using the lovely ribbons by May Arts



  1. What a fantastic project. You've put a lot of thought into this and I'm glad it's working so well for you. I'm forwarding the idea on to my daughter for my littlest grandchild. They've been hunting for something along this line and this could be tweeked to fit any childs needs. Thanks for sharing the how toos!

  2. My Pleasure Patti :)
    Hope your daughter will find it helpful !
    Bear Hugs

  3. This is simply ingenius. Love the colors and the way you designed the chart. Your girl is a lucky kid.

  4. Wow! Lots of details
    here. Great work.
    Carla from Utah

  5. Wow... This is so cool. So bright, cheerful and fun. Great job.

  6. Wow! This is even better than I had invisioned! You broke it all down so well that I can't wait to show my sister! She just had her fourth child. :) Thanks for the awesome behavior chart! :)

  7. What a great idea! I love it! It's fun to look at and a great incentive for the children!

  8. Thanks for your kind words ,ladies!
    I'm so happy you've found my chart to be helpful :)