Monday, January 24, 2011

From OLD Fence into a NEW dead GORGEOUS bed

This would be a MAJOR "Don't throw , Up-Cycle" post!!!

A half a year ago I think,we stumbled upon a beautiful old fence that was taken down and replaced with a new one...We'd ask from the owner of the old fence to take it and planned to make a bed for Sierra from it...Half a year later,the bed was born!!!

Here are some photos of the birth process ( I think it would be the only chance for my hubby to give birth :-D )

Shall we start...
Here is how all began...We had to take the old fence apart and cut it to pieces to fit to the size of the mattress

Then the bed's frame was made

Afterwards the mattress's support beans were added

and vu à la the new bed was born

I'm in-love with the new bed and wish we had more of that reclaimed wood to make a double queen sized bed like this for us...

This bed got me so inspired,that after only 4 years in which my belly cast was laying around collecting dust...I actually, finally got the muse to decorate it (pics of the belly decoration project in the next post)


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