Monday, January 10, 2011

Lots of new project ideas and so little time on my hands...

I bet you all feel this way at least ones in every couple of weeks^^ I feel this way EVERY DAY!!!

I have an AMAZING project going on with Minasmoke -a whole BEAUTIFUL Fashion and Home Decor collection with Cherifa's GORGEOUS illustrations ...A separate clothing collection I need to find time to shoot and a bunch of sells I need to proceed and mail...
I have so many new ideas that everyday I wish for a longer day with some quite time for myself to work on ALL my visions!!!

Meanwhile, here are some results of my hectic life

Oversized Roses cowl-neck Pregnancy Top (which of course can easily be made as fitted top!)

This lovely and sunny corsage was inspired by the newest Minasmoke's artwork- "Sleeping "Beauty (you'll get to see it when we will launch our mutual Home Decor line)

And some convertible pants -LOVE them both for their ability to be worn before and during pregnancy!!!!

I do have a lot more to share,but I'll leave it for the next post :)
Till then...

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